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Michelle Williams Closes Instagram Comments After Fans Flood Her With Questions Concerning Her Relationship With Ex-Fiancé Chad Johnson

Michelle Williams has made it clear she has no ill will against her ex-fiancé Pastor Chad Johnson and she even shared a promotional video for his upcoming spring conference recently. But questions from fans ultimately led her to shutter her Instagram comments.

The singer on Tuesday uploaded a video of Johnson encouraging folks to attend his ministry organization’s event coming in April.

Elevate International is hosting its Remix conference as an extension of the youth retreat that’s been put on over the past seven years.

“This year, I felt like the Lord wanted us to bring it down the mountain, host it in the city of Phoenix, make it available for everybody,” Johnson says in the clip.

“Listen allllll the way UP!!! In 2017 I went to Pastor @chadjohnson77 and his amazing ministry @elevateint RemixRETREAT for young adults and it was life-changing,” Williams explained in her post before pointing out the retreat is now a conference. “I really believe if you are in a place of being uncertain of who you are or if you’re wondering if there is a purpose for your life….you NEED to get there. If you just wanna be in a great atmosphere and experience an incredible move of God….you better go. Love you guys! ❤️”

Not long afterward, fans began wondering about the former couple’s status, remarking on how they’re on good terms despite Williams suddenly calling off their engagement in December.

“I love how you guys are still supporting each other,” one said.

Others wondered about getting access to the event.

“Can it be streamed online?”

“Will it be offered in other cities?”

Williams didn’t reply to the comment espousing joy in the exes backing one another, but she told a person who wondered about streaming she’d tag Elevate International to get the question answered.

However, she did reply to a commenter saying they’d unfollowed Johnson after the pair’s split. The response may lend some insight as to why she wound up turning off the comments section by Wednesday.

“Come on y’all….be nice! I don’t want the message and intention of this post to get lost!! I love y’all so much!! Now don’t be petty….y’all gotta be stronger for me so that when I’m tempted to be petty I can look to you guys for strength! 🤣❤🤣 #ChelleBelleHasSpoken,” the singer replied.michelle williams michelle williams

Williams got engaged to Johnson in April 2018 after meeting at his retreat the year before. However, after documenting their journey to the altar on OWN’s “Michelle Loves Chad,” the Destiny’s Child performer got cold feet and decided to end things last year.

“I guess I still remain single! Things didn’t work out,” she wrote in her Instagram Story before deleting it. “The healing that needs to take place is a must! I don’t wanna destroy another relationship. Blessings to him, his family and ministry.”

While Williams has remained relatively quiet ever since, Johnson said he was “definitely broken up over it” during a video call chat on the finale of the reality show.

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