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Pastor Chad Johnson Breaks Silence on Split from Michelle Williams: ‘I’m Definitely Broken Up Over It’

After remaining offline in the weeks since Michelle Williams called off their engagement, pastor Chad Johnson made his first post on Instagram Sunday.

Johnson, who preached at Church for the Nations in Phoenix, Ariz., Dec. 23, uploaded a summary of the word he gave that day to the social networking site.

“The ‘D.N.A. of Dirt’ … 1• God knows your dirt! 2• Isn’t afraid of your dirt. 3• Knows what to do with your dirt.(He started you with dirt) 4• Will breathe life into your dirt. 5• Make you shine after your dirt!!! \\Your DIRT doesn’t DISQUALIFY you!!!\\ \\He disqualified everything that has tried to disqualify you!\\ \\His hands on A THING can create absolutely ANYTHING into SOMETHING …unforeseen and unthinkable!!\\ •
• John 8:1-13 📖,” read the caption of a series of photos snapped during the service.

Chad Johnson


Johnson has been quiet online ever since Williams posted and then removed an announcement that the pair had broken off their eight-month-long engagement.

“I guess I still remain single! Things didn’t work out,” the singer, who suffers from depression, said in part on Dec. 7. “The healing that needs to take place is a must! I don’t wanna destroy another relationship. Blessings to him, his family and ministry. #FEARLESS.”

But in his absence from social media, fans took to his older posts hoping that the former Destiny’s Child star’s message was untrue.

“Say Michelle’s tweet ain’t so brother… y’all have to FIX this.”

“What’s going on? Is the post true from Michelle? I truly hope not.”

“Omg y’all need to get back together. A preacher and a singer! Power LA!”

“In my Tyra Banks voice: I was rooting for you…we were all rooting for you!!!!!!!”

Trouble appeared to be brewing between the couple as they sought counseling on their OWN reality TV series, “Chad Love Michelle.” There, they had a blow-up over some gut-punching accusations they hurled at one another.

“He talked about a moment of how I said, ‘It’s because I’m black and you’re white and you don’t know how black people talk,’” Williams explained to their therapist during an episode. “So he didn’t like that. … And this — not to justify — but yesterday, when we had the disagreement he said, ‘Did you take your meds today?’ Now that!”

Williams has continued to post online but she pulled out of her Broadway show, “Once On This Island,” on doctor’s orders. Her depression battle had also reportedly gotten worse.

On the finale of their OWN show, which aired a day before Johnson returned to social media, Williams enlisted her best friend George to address the former couple’s split.

“She is still very much so in love with Chad,” he explained. “She will tell anybody that he is amazing — that he is an amazing person.”

While Williams, who reportedly wouldn’t cooperate with re-shoots of “Chad Loves Michelle,” did not appear on screen, Johnson did.

“It’s been really hard. I’m definitely broken up over it,” he said during a FaceTime call during the finale. “Sometimes love, although it’s real, it’s not enough. … You have to be able to walk together and communicate. Michelle, she’s a beautiful soul, bro. We had some amazing moments together. But we have to move forward.”

He also made it clear the breakup wasn’t “nasty” and that he wishes his ex well. The pastor also has no regrets about having therapy.

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