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Dr. Simone’s Husband Cecil Is Unemployed No Longer, Appears to Take Dr. Heavenly’s Advice and Goes Into Real Estate

Purposely or not, it appears Cecil Whitmore has taken Dr. Heavenly Kimes’ advice and begun a career in real estate after losing his job at The Coca-Cola Company in 2018.

The husband of “Married to Medicine” star Dr. Simone Whitmore announced on Instagram Jan. 2 that he is now helping people in Georgia buy and sell homes around the state.

Dr. Simone


“Buying or Selling Real Estate in Georgia? Follow @cwhitmoreatl so I can help you win in the Georgia Home Market! I’m ready to work for you. #realestate #atlanta #homebuyer #homesellers #realestateagent #realestateinvestor #married2med #marriedtomedicine,” he wrote in the photo caption.

After spending a collective 17 years working for the Coke brand, Whitmore’s time with the company ended last January. Dr. Heavenly said his year-long stint without a full-time job may have contributed to his marital woes with Dr. Simone.

“This man ain’t got one job. That’s why she mad! … If Cecil get a job, I think they problems would be over. Get a job, Cecil,” the dentist said on her web show back in December. “I don’t care about the money. Y’all got enough money. She’s got a contract, you’re not on ‘Married to Medicine.’ So all that extra stuff you doing, you’re doing for free.”

Believing that Dr. Simone’s meanness on the sixth season of the Bravo show was because of her unhappiness with her marriage, Dr. Heavenly continued to affirm the importance of Cecil finding work.

“If you get a job, that’ll solve a lot of your problems. Because I’m telling you as a Black woman, as a professional woman, when I get up out of bed I want this man going to work too. I’m sorry, I had to say it. There it is,” Heavenly said.

In an episode the following week, Heavenly suggested Cecil use his real estate license to go into business and take advantage of being on a nationally televised reality show to drum up clients.

“My whole thing is, you got this platform right now where you’re on a show with millions of people, you got a real estate license … build that real estate business up. People like you on TV. You can be doing stuff on the show about real estate — instead of tweeting about me and some lying s— — tweet about the real estate. You know what? In fact, make yourself the no. 1 real estate agent. Because people believe what you tell ’em.”

Several fans caught that and remarked on the suggestion while congratulating Cecil on his new endeavor.

“Great suggestion from Dr. Heavenly.. And we all love and support Mr. Cecil!!!”

“@cecilcwhit im glad you’re taking @dr_heavenly’s advice n pushing real estate, she gave good feedback with love. 2019 is yours for the taking🙏🏾”

“He actually listened to Dr. Heavenly advise 😉”

“Many blessings your way Cecil 🙏🏾”

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