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Basketball Wives’ Fans Want Answers After Kristen Scott is Spotted Filming With Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada While Tami Roman Is Nowhere To Be Found

The new season of “Basketball Wives” is continuing to ramp up production, and a fan account is teasing who will show up on the series. But the inclusion of Malaysia Pargo’s friend and lack of a returning cast member has fans heated.

The Basketball Wives Tea uploaded a shot from Snapchat to its Instagram page Wednesday showing the shoes of Jackie ChristieEvelyn Lozada, and Kristen Scott. Yet a star who wasn’t included in the Feb. 13 post was Tami Roman.

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As such, Scott’s presence over Roman’s led to lots of annoyed questions and comments from viewers.

“Why is Kristen coming back!?!?😩”

“Why did they bring boring Kristen back 😂😂 smh I’m not ready,I want be watching again I guess.”

“Didn’t we tell y’all not to bring Kristen’s thirsty ass backkkkk !!!!! 🙄”

“I’m pissed that Kristen is back smmh if Tami not on it I’m not watching.”

“No Tami this season??”

“Where is Tami??”

“All I know is that Tami better be returning.”

Scott showed up on the seventh season of “Basketball Wives” after main cast member Pargo’s last group of friends took a hike following season 6. Pargo is the cousin of former NBA coach and player Byron Scott, whose son is Thomas Scott. The younger Scott is married to Kristen, making her Pargo’s cousin by marriage. Additionally, Bryon Scott is now dating CeCe Gutierrez, who also arrived last season. That essentially makes Gutierrez one of Pargo’s other cousins.

So while viewers have confirmed that Kristen will be back on the show, what’s not confirmed is whether Roman will come back. Lozada previously confirmed in January that filming has commenced on the eighth season of the show, adding she’d be back on the series. However, Roman’s future on the VH1 series is not solid.

Since she’s encountered a lot of drama on the show last season over her weight and her involvement in spreading a rumor that Lozada slept with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex, it’s easy to see her hesitation.

“You know, I actually loved doing ‘Basketball Wives,’” Roman told “Entertainment Tonight.” “I’m just at a place right now where it’s about protecting my energy and my space and my zen. I have to protect it. And so, even within the ‘Basketball Wives’ world, if I were to go back, certain changes would have to be made for me to be comfortable in that environment. But we’re still in talks. I don’t necessarily know if I’ll return, but we are talking about how everybody can be comfortable in that environment.”

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