Tami Roman’s Latest Instagram Picture is Grabbing Fans Attention, ‘OMG Ur So Thin’

Tami Roman’s recent Instagram post is grabbing fans’ attention for two reasons.

The first is that the “Basketball Wives” star just caught a screening for her upcoming film “Fall Girls.” The second is her thin frame, which led one fan to offer up some encouragement.

“The cast screening of #FallGirls tonight! This movie is SO funny!” Roman wrote in the caption of her Thursday, Oct. 4 post. “@amaralanegraaln @whoisparisphillips @ericapeeples @msjoelyfisher @1ericahubbard YOU HAVE A WINNER! Congrats ladies 💋 @chrisstokes1969 @footagefilmsstudios Kudos to you 💛💛💛 #sotellmewhatsnext #sheready 😂😂”

Fans praised her work.

“Congrats on the movie and not f—in, I forgot her name up! Keep it 100 sister.”

“Congrats Tami❤️”

“@tamiroman Congratulations in your success. God is faithful. I love your shirt!”

Roman took a photo outside of the theater next to a movie poster for the film and also added a couple of shots posing in her “God Is Dope” t-shirt. It was those two photos that led to more chatter about her weight loss.

Tami Roman


“Tamiroman, first of all let me say, you are a beautiful melanated queen…. However, imma need you to eat about 2 slices of pound cake.”


“Tamiroman are you ok ur so thin not throwing shade but OMG ur so thin.”

“Girl you alright???? Dam you look sick sick.”

“I like you but i why are sooo thin? I pray that all is good.”

“Why isn’t her camera adding the 10lbs?! Ugh she’s fading away🤦🏾‍♀️”

Meanwhile, other fans uplifted the star.

“You look amazing and you are radiating with so much joy and happiness…I love it!!! Keep it up….you wear your happiness and joy so well!!!!❤️❤️❤️”

“It’s so sad how someone can show something positive and show aspirations and goals and moving forward making moves and movies but yet all someone can do is think about the size of a person think about how a person look that’s what’s wrong with America who gives a damn how she look she’s walking she’s breathing she has to be healthy or else you wouldn’t be alive.”

“Crazy thing is she has always been thin & that’s why her daughter lyrica is thin damn everyone isnt suppose to be thick #getintoit #notgoingbck&forth.”

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