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Pastor Chad Johnson Still Silent as Michelle Williams Apologizes to Family and Fans About Failed Engagement: ‘I Am So Sorry That I Let You Down’

Two days after dropping a bombshell that she and pastor Chad Johnson are no longer engaged, Michelle Williams has issued another statement on the matter.

The Destiny’s Child singer apologized on her Instagram Story Sunday, Dec. 9 saying she wishes her former fiancé well on his future.

michelle williams

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“To @elevateint, and everybody in leadership that I met through @chadjohnson77, his family and friends. I am so sorry that I couldn’t be what I desired to be to your leader,” she wrote of Johnson’s non-for-profit organization and his loved ones. “To all the young ppl (and some old ones🙈) that were hopeful and inspired by the love we had, I’m so sorry that I let you down! We were very public with our relationship, I felt it on my heart to say sorry! Chad is an awesome man with an awesome ministry and future!❤️”

michelle williams


Williams, whose Instagram account was recently made private, posted a similar note to her Instagram Story Dec. 7.

“I still remain fearless. I guess I still remain single!” she said. “Things didn’t work out. The healing that needs to take place is a must! I don’t wanna destroy another relationship. Blessings to him, his family and ministry. #FEARLESS.”

The message was deleted before noon and in the time since then, Williams has also deleted most mentions of Johnson and their OWN reality series, “Chad Loves Michelle,” from her Instagram page. The program still has two more episodes to air before it concludes Dec. 22.

For the time being, Johnson has still not said a word about the broken engagement, which came after the couple had a controversial disagreement about race and the singer’s depression.

Meanwhile, fans have continued to share their thoughts on Johnson’s Instagram page.

“Makes you wonder if he really loved her?”

“Sad what happened…hope you both find true love.”

“I hope the two of you can work it out. Real love is hard to find.”

“Rooting for you two!!!”

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