‘Y’all Not Gonna Keep Using Me to do This Bulls—!’ Jessie Woo Walks Out of Greenscreen Filming, Goes on Epic Rant Against LHHMIA Drama


It’s Jessie Woo’s debut season on “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” but she’s already sick and tired of the reality TV game.

The star’s storyline has included conflict with O.G. castmember Amara La Negra, who is said to have come onto Woo’s boyfriend at an event prior to season 2 filming. Following that incident, the women sat down for the Afro-Latina performer to apologize to Woo. But things took a turn when drinks were tossed and they almost came to blows, with Woo throwing the first beverage.

“These motherf—ers really wanna push this narrative between me and Amara,” Woo explains on her Instagram Live stream Feb. 8. “These n—as really want me and this girl to fight for this show. The s— that they’re telling me to f—ing say … Let me tell you something, I have better things to do with my motherf—ing time than to be talkng about anybody’s mom.

“Outside of a figure of speech, I’m not finna be sitting here dedicating my f—ing greenscreens to talking about somebody’s motherf—ing mom,” she went on, clearly irate. “I’m not gonna do that s—. It’s clear to me what y’all intentions are. You guys really want me to … go head to head with this girl and I’m not gonna cooperate with that bulls—.”

Woo added that La Negra is welcome to push her “professional victim s—” on her own page, but the Haitian-American comedienne wasn’t going to follow suit.

“Me, Jessica, Jessie? I’m not doing that bulls—-!” she says, now more irritated than ever. “I’m not finna be doing these greenscreens talking about this girl all motherf—ing day! … Like, I don’t care about that girl like that. I wish her the best! I don’t have no ill will for Amara.

“And stop motherf—ing calling me ’cause I’m not gonna answer none of y’all motherf—ers!” she adds. “I’m done! I’m f—ing done! Y’all pushed y’all narrative! Enough! I’m done! … I’m not f—ing doing it no f—ing more!”

After dissing the fact that the matter was “petty,” Woo made it clear she and La Negra are not close and that she resents the fact that she’d been made to look bad. The star claimed producers cut out lots of footage to make it appear at though Woo tears down other women.

“F–k you! … You fool me once, that’s it! I’m not doing it no motherf—ing more, period!” Woo says, now beginning to weep. “Y’all not gonna keep using me to do this bulls—!”

She ultimately walks out of the room, refusing to film anymore confessional scenes in front of the greenscreen.

Fans weighed in on the matter, with many siding with the star.

“I believe her. Sorry Jessie! Thought u was hating! Glad u spoke out! So now we see Joseline wasn’t lying. Look at what they do to Yandy.”

“Glad she post this because as I was starting not to like her because of love and hip hop.”

“You can lose the gig sweetie but don’t lose yourself. I love what you’re standing on right now. 👸🏾”

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