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‘Love and Hip Hop: Miami’ Viewers Side With Amara After Explosive Fight With Jessie Woo: ‘She Did Not Deserve That!’

The drama continues to unfold during season 2 of “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” after Amara La Negra almost came to blows with Jessie Woo.

Prior to La Negra and Woo’s confrontation, Woo revealed to her cast mates in the previous episode that she felt disrespected by La Negra from a prior engagement before the show.

Woo and her boyfriend attended an event where La Negra was present. Woo’s boyfriend claimed La Negra tried to push up on him by asking if he’d ever cheated on Woo with another woman.

Woo later sat down with La Negra’s friend Jojo Zarur for a girls lunch and said she wanted an apology from the Afro-Latina artist for seemingly trying to flirt with her man. Zarur arranged for Woo and La Negra to sit down and discuss the incident.

Amara La Negra

Jessie Woo (left, long hair, back to camera) Amara La Negra (afro) and Jojo Zarur (right) try to work things out. (photo courtesy @VH1 screenshot)

The next scenes pan to Woo, Zarur and La Negra discussing the matter. La Negra tried apologizing to Woo, but the Haitian native just wasn’t having it.

Woo told her newly formed nemesis, “I’m trying to move forward and just tell you to never do that again. … I’m advising you don’t.”

Zarur intervened and told Woo to stop threatening La Negra, then tossed a drink in her face.

Woo reacted by throwing a drink back at Zarur and a glass bottle of water at La Negra.

“LHHMIA” viewers felt Woo completely crossed the line by physically assaulting La Negra after she tried to apologize.

“No Amara did NOT deserve that 🙄 ! She was being respectful and trying not to engage in the #nonsense.”

“@Amaralanegraaln didn’t disrespect her so why throw a whole bottle and drink at her ?Amara kept is calm, classy. Jessie just wants camera time 🙄because of she was secure in her relationship she wouldn’t care.”

One fan defended Woo and felt La Negra came off as passive-aggressive.

“Amara was being aggressor from jump! She pump faking the fact she was ‘apologizing.'”

Several viewers have complained about La Negra being portrayed in a negative light this season. The Afro-Latina singer warned fans in December that her second season on the show would be completely than her first.

“The Drama Begin! Im Ready in 5,4,3,2,1 This Season Things Just went Left,” La Negra said in an Instagram post on Dec. 30. “Its Definitely Different from season 1.”

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Did Amara deserve the bottle though? 😩 #LHHMIA

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