Rasheeda Frost’s Date Night Outfit Is a No-Go with Fans: ‘You Look Homeless’


Fans of Rasheeda Frost threw a fit when a photo of her recent sartorial display didn’t measure up to their fashion standards.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star, who usually excels in the fashion department in the eyes of fans, apparently fell short. She took to Instagram on Feb.7 and shared an image of her and her husband Kirk Frost having a date night after a long day of work.

“Chill dinner night w/ @frost117 been a long productive day! #dafrostfam,” Rasheeda wrote in her caption.

Rasheeda Frost
Kirk and Rasheeda Frost on a date night. (photo: @rasheeda)

The couple appeared to be at a mid-scale restaurant in Atlanta while sporting their casual wear. Kirk wore a red-white-and-green sweatsuit with white-and-black sneakers. The “Boss Chick” opted for a more relaxed look and donned a multi-colored dashiki, white blazer, a pair of distressed denim boyfriend jeans, lime-green sneakers and a pink fedora.

This time the reality star’s vibrant and distinct fashion style did not go over too well with fans.

“I’m sorry I love u Rasheeda but wtf do u have on 😬,” one fan wrote.

A second person commented, “Beautiful picture and all but Sheeda you look homeless.”

“Idk what she was thinkin when she put that outfit on,” a third critic commented.

One fan shut down haters speaking ill of Rasheeda’s unique style.

“Idc what nobody say she got her own style fr. Love it. Put it all together.. issa look ❤️.”

The mother of two describes her fashion sense as “tomboy chic.”

“I’m not a girly girl, so it’s more of a relaxed tomboy type of swag,” she told Foot Wear News in 2017.

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda Frost in another unique look. (photo: @rasheeda)

Rasheeda has since turned her passion for fashion into two clothing boutiques in Atlanta and Houston respectively. Her multi-million dollar Pressed boutique landed her on the cover of Forbes magazine in April 2018, where she got candid about her well-deserved success.

“It’s really about staying driven and being flexible,” the star said. “There isn’t one right path to be successful. But, it definitely comes from personal motivation, drive and being ok with not knowing the answers. You also can’t let others discourage you. … Find your niche and grow from there.”

She added that as an entrepreneur doing everything on her own, there were times when she doubted herself.

“Now that I am a business owner, I have doubted if I could keep going and be successful with the many things I am working on. But you only get one shot at life. I need to go after the things I want so that when I get older, I can relax, travel, and take care of my children.”

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