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Rasheeda Frost’s Fun Date Night Photo with Kirk Gets Derailed by Negative Comments

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Rasheeda Frost posted a picture with her husband Kirk Frost that gave fans mixed feelings about seeing the couple together. Rasheeda was strutting in a navy blue blazer and while Kirk wore a matching yellow fit. The reality star opened the way for heavy criticism when she wrote, “Caption this…… Bout to enjoy this @frost117 😳😂.”

Rasheeda Frost and Kirk Frost

Most of the comments were supportive of the Frost strengthening their union after Kirk’s scandalous affair that resulted in a baby outside of the marriage.

“I was waiting on this dammm I love u all @rasheedadabosschickthis not no boyfriend of 6momth or 1yr that’s your Husband n this life cant ever be perfect God bless u an @frost117 n make u all stronger ❤❤❤ @frost117 u got a do over make me proud 🙏😋😊”

“I don’t understand why people follow those they have so many issues with!!! Geesh!”

“If @rasheedadabosschick is happy…that’s all that matters.” “Beautiful couple ❤️”

“🗣true love @frost117 @rasheedadabosschick 👽 patience …hard work ..dedication ummm could keep goin but y’all know wassup”

Others were not here for the rekindled union, however.

“It’s really like she’s his mother, having to tell him what’s CLEARLY right from what’s CLEARLY wrong all the damn time. 🤷🏽‍♀️”

“I think I missed the joke. What type of goal is this again 🤔”

“Married 18 years and would never let my husband or anyone else treat me like that. I wouldn’t want my kids to see that.”

“”I’m done with him”….. 24hrs later………”

“I adore Rasheeda and I’ve been where she is…I just want her to embrace her greatness and realize that she deserves better than what Kirk is giving her. At some point I had to just accept the truth.”

Despite the hate, Rasheeda has found a way to make her marriage work which includes making room for Kirk’s love child with stripper Jasmine Washington.

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