Fans Race to Slam Troll Who Turns Russell Wilson’s Bonding Moment with Daughter Into Bashing Session Against Ciara


Russell Wilson’s adoration for his and Ciara’s daughter is almost like no other, so when fans were treated to a cute interaction between the two, his love certainly came through.

On Tuesday, Wilson uploaded an Instagram video to his account of young Sienna Princess Wilson cruising down the hallway of their home. As the 1-year-old drove her pink electric Mercedes-Benz convertible toward her dad with a smiling nanny in the background, the tot giggled and listened to his questions.

“You gonna pick me up? Where we going? Where we going, pretty girl?” Wilson asks.

“When you get home from working out and your pretty little girl wants to go cruisin’ together! ❤️#MyWorld,” the Seattle Seahawks quarterback captioned the cute Feb. 5 video.

Fans ate up the sweet daddy-daughter moment.

“Omg 😩 So cute!! 💕💕”

“Such a beauty! #daddysgirl”

“She’s the cutest. Russell’s twin.”

The sentimental moment took a turn, however, when a commenter decided to throw shade at Wilson’s wife Ciara, alleging she puts him up to posting photos of her son, Future Zahir, whom she shares with rapper Future.

“@dangerusswilson I’m so glad you posted your daughter! Stop letting @Ciara trick you into posted her son to make Future mad! Her petty level is through the roof: she wants you to be his bio dad but at the end of the day she chose to have a child with him….”

russell wilson

It didn’t take long for fans to swoop in slam the Instagram user as a hater.

“@dont_wasteyourpretty Only Ignorant people like you.”

“@dont_wasteyourpretty You should be a comedian are a time traveler cost you’re stuck in the past.”

“@dont_wasteyourpretty Stop with the lies.”

“@dont_wasteyourpretty You must be new here. Focus on the joy that baby feels seeing her daddy come home after work and his joy at seeing the beautiful baby he created with his wife. If he chooses to post his bonus son who he’s raised for almost four years he’s perfectly in his rights to.”

Fans have long had issues with Wilson’s bond with Future Zahir. Ever since he stepped into Ciara’s life, he’s maintained a close relationship with his stepson. It’s not unheard of to see him racing with baby Future postgame or taking in a Golden State Warriors game with the 4-year-old.

And the bond Wilson has with Ciara, Sienna and Future is constantly on display on Instagram, including a recent moment where the family played a dance video game together.

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