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‘RHOP’ Star Ashley Darby Confirms She’s Expecting First Baby With Husband Months After He Trashed Her Upbringing: ‘I Don’t Want You to Look After My Children The Way Your Mother Looked After You’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast isn’t the only group in the franchise that has an expectant mother in its ranks. Ashley Darby of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” has revealed she and husband Michael Darby will welcome their first child together in June.

“Very excited to share this special news with you my loves. Michael and I are thrilled to welcome a bundle of joy into our lives. The most incredible gift imaginable! Love and light to you,” Ashley disclosed on her Instagram page Feb. 5. The announcement was accompanied by a video of her and Michael looking through a baby book with a photo of their baby’s first sonogram.

“Our miracle,” was written above the image.

“I’m so excited,” Ashley gushed about her pregnancy to People magazine. “When I used to hear people talk about having a child and the miracle of life inside you, I know that sounds great, but then to actually experience it? It’s the most all-encompassing feeling ever. I never imagined I’d feel this much love … it’s the pinnacle!”

The spouses have come a long way from their back-and-forth over the years about starting a family together. Initially, Michael dismissed the idea of having children until they broke even on their restaurant, Oz.

However, the couple might want to chat about how they’ll raise their impending bundle of joy. During a date night on “RHOP” last season, Michael confessed he had some reservations about child-rearing with his wife. Ashley has had a tense relationship with her mother, who has gotten financial support from the spouses —  something Michael wanted to put an end to.

“Do you wanna know the truth? I need you to push away from your mother because I don’t want you to look after my children in the way that your mother has looked after you,” Michael harshly disclosed last year in season 3. “I’m asking you to step up. I want you to show them at all stages that hard work and ethics and honesty and loyalty are what things are all about.”

Ashley was offended by her husband’s remarks, saying what he said wasn’t “fair.” She called it “the absolute biggest dig” her groom has ever said to her.

Michael also noted the couple separated because his wife “showed me the effects [her mom] had on you in relation to looking after children.”

Ashley later stuck up for her mother on Twitter saying, “There is no one like my mom and I’ll always love her. Growth and change in any relationship is hard, and I’m open to having my loving husband and nurturing mother ❤️. I know it’s not impossible!!!!! #rhop.”

By the reunion in August, the couple made their desire to have a baby clear, which came after she disclosed she had suffered a miscarriage.

“Michael and I are readily fertilizing and hoping that a little Mickshley will be here,” Ashley said on Instagram Live at the time. “Still hoping for a Gemini or Leo baby.”

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