‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Viewers Slam Jenn for Getting Mad at Van Johnson for Not being Able to Afford Birthday Plans

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” couple Van Johnson and his girlfriend Jennifer weren’t seeing eye-to-eye for her 30th birthday party and fans instantly sided with Johnson.

Jenn expressed her vision for a marvelous celebration to her beau, but he couldn’t financially afford it at the time. The 29-year-old became extremely upset with Johnson after he refused to promise her a trip to Los Angeles.

The father of one explained in his confessional, “I want Jenn to have everything for her birthday, but the way my bank account is set up, I don’t know what I’m able to do.”

Johnson told his girlfriend, “Your birthday means a lot to me just like it does to you of course… I wanna make it extravagant, but I’m thinking more so on the lines of going to Detroit.”

Jenn became annoyed with her boyfriend’s comment and said, “Van completely dismisses my 30th birthday.”

Fans blasted the reality star for her “ungrateful” attitude and for being “selfish.”

One social media follower remarked, “The fact that he’s still willing to do something and not having money says a lot. Ungrateful ass!”

Another added, “She’s ew. If my man told me he’s not financially, emotionally, mentally prepared for my birthday, that’s fine I won’t hold that against him (I’d go over to my mom’s house tbh and go out with her). Soon as you make a guy feel bad about expressing his self, he’s never going to want to open up to you. I would just be a good sport about it🤷‍.”

An Instagram user said, “Well all is fair in love and war but rn Jenn seems more like the greedy type not saying women don’t deserve good treatment but if he has the cash to spoil u the way u want fine but when he don’t be a d**k about it.”

The couple has been dating for eight years and has broken up multiple times. Jenn has expressed her desire to get married, but Johnson isn’t quite ready yet.


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