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A-Rod Shuts Down Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs After He Drools Over J. Lo’s Abs

Jennifer Lopez posted a photo of herself after she completed day nine in a 10-day challenge of not consuming sugar or carbs, which got the attention of her ex and current boyfriends.

J. Lo uploaded the image on Tuesday, Jan. 29, and it showed her with six-pack abs and toned arms and shoulders.

A-Rod accused of shutting down Diddy after Diddy left a comment under a photo of Jennifer Lopez.


Sean “Diddy” Combs, who dated the singer and actress from 1999 to 2001, reacted to the photo and definitely liked what he saw.

“OMG,” he wrote on what appears to be the same day of the post, and he also included a heart emoji.

Then the former New York Yankees infielder Alex Rodriguez, who’s been dating J. Lo since 2017, commented on the photo, and whether he was merely gushing over his woman or sending Diddy a message is unknown.

“Lucky me,” wrote A-Rod, with a heart, baseball and check sign emoji.

Lopez’s fans told Diddy to back off afterward since his ex is now spoken for. Some also accused Mr. Combs of being regretful that he’s no longer with the “Dinero” singer.

“Puff want that old thang back!” someone wrote.

“Sumbody still thirsty,” wrote another.

There were others who believed that Diddy’s reaction to Lopez’s photo angered A-Rod, which is why he commented afterward. Some even thought there might be bad blood between the two, but based on another photo that’s not the case.

On Sept. 29, 2018, after J. Lo’s last performance at her Las Vegas residency, all three celebrities were seen laughing and talking at an after-party at Mr Chow in Caesars Palace. There’s a photo of Diddy and A-Rod shaking hands, plus there’s another one that shows Lopez and the rap mogul embracing.

And during that last Vegas show, according to the Daily Mail, Lopez gave Diddy a shoutout, but she also did the same for Rodriguez, so the shout seemed friendly, not flirtatious.

But although the former couple are just friends these days and Diddy has since moved on with women like Cassie — whom he recently split from — he called Lopez one of the great loves of his life in a 2017 People magazine interview.

J. Lo hasn’t said anything about Diddy commenting on her recent photo yet.

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