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Pepa Dragged Into Married Boyfriend’s Divorce Battle



After Pepa went public with her boyfriend Aundre Dean in May, his wife aired out her issues with the duo online. And now, she’s responding to Dean’s divorce filing and calling out Pepa in the process.

Pepa, one half of the iconic hip hop trio Salt-N-Pepa, hasn’t posted publicly about her much-younger boyfriend since she deleted the IG post celebrating his birthday. But his wife Jordyn Taylor, with whom he shares a 1-year-old son and a newborn, wasted no time responding to his divorce filing.

Dean filed to split from Taylor on March 8, after separating from her in January. The Blast reported Saturday, June 30 that Dean is seeking joint physical and legal custody of their children and wants the court to deny Taylor spousal support. In Taylor’s response, filed when she was eight months pregnant with Dean’s second child, she said she wants primary physical and legal custody while Dean only gets visitation.

“He abandoned me and our 1-year-old son and cheated on me with another woman,” reads Taylor’s filing, which also asks for spousal support. “He has not paid any support and I am the victim of domestic violence, and there is currently a [temporary restraining order] in place.”

Additionally, Taylor’s lawyer says Dean, an actor, “has put my client’s life on display and his affair with a known celebrity is plastered all over social media and news media. My client has been publicly abused and humiliated to literally millions of people.”

Dean’s relationship with Pepa got major coverage when she wished him a happy birthday on Instagram as the pair took in the Kentucky Derby two months ago. Taylor put the couple on blast as a result and lashed out at Pepa for deeming Dean a “good dad.”

She also said good dads don’t “break in and vandalize their wives’ apartments.”

“I can’t explain Aundre’s erratic behavior. I believe this is just another stunt for his reality show. His girlfriend, Pepa, from the old hip hop group Salt-N-Pepa – have decided to make their relationship public on social media and on their reality show ‘Growing Up Hip Hop,’ which has caused some public black-lash [sic], as Aundre is still legally married with a pregnant wife.”

“He has destroyed me and my family on social media and TV. I have been publicly humiliated at my home, work and school,” she added of her husband’s public cheating.

Yet Dean maintains he only removed items from the apartment after she kicked him out and that they peaceably agreed to break up last year, with things going fine for a period. But the situation got messy when Taylor took aim at the couple online.

Dean also alleged Taylor keeps making false accusations about him being a deadbeat dad, cheater and a bad father and that because of his relationship with Pepa, it gets picked up each time she speaks out.

He further accused his estranged wife of leaking false information and addressing talk shows to try to make herself out to be the victim.

According to Dean, the pair has been separated for six months and he never cheated on her.

It is an ongoing case.

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