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K. Michelle Seemingly Fires Shots at Music Industry’s Sex-for-Access Culture

R&B singer K. Michelle seemingly threw shade at musicians who exchange sexual favors for advancement in their music careers.

The singer took to Instagram this past weekend and shared a photo of herself relaying a nonverbal stern message. The photo included K. Michelle sitting on her studio couch, smoking a cigar with a background sign that read, “No Sucking D–k for Songs Allowed.”

K. Michelle seemingly took shots at anyone selling their bodies to obtain music records. She added in her picture caption, “Mood: I got this sign for my studio. I never want anyone to walk in there and think we half step. We make music. Period. #almostdonecooking.”

K. Michelle

photo courtesy@kmichellemusic

Fans commended the “Crazy Like You” artist for speaking “truth” about what goes on behind the scenes of the music industry.

“K. Michelle telling her TRUTH!,& THAT Sign Speaking VOLUME,” one fan commented. “Go head 👑 let that pain go but that rearview on that wall is a master piece message to all beautiful 👑..Ur Amazing.”

A second person added, “That’s what too many women do just to get into the music industry. Play for pay! do anything by any means necessary 🤣.”

One fan  felt K. Michelle was seemingly directing the post at her former friend rapper Nicki Minaj.

“Let me find out this for Nicki 😩🤣  Nobody’s off limits!!” the person wrote.

K. Michelle and Minaj began feuding in 2017 after K. accused the rapper of stealing one of her songs. Minaj’s “Buy a Heart” on her album “The Pinkprint” was allegedly K. Michelle’s song given to her by Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Meek Mill. K. claimed that Meek shortly took the song back on the basis of Minaj thinking that K. Michelle and Meek had a romantic relationship.

“I was told that the song from my album was being taken from me, because the rapper that gave it to me girlfriend thought I was f*** him,” K. Michelle wrote in a now series of deleted tweets.

Minaj never responded to K. Michelle’s allegations and fans thought the hatchet between the two women were buried until K. Michelle’s December 2018 interview with BET’s Raquel Harper. When asked if she put any money on Meek Mills’ books while he was locked up for probation violations, the singer replied, “No.”

K. Michelle continued, “I never went to see him.”

“A girl came in, she telling people to come take my Dreamchasers chain and everything — [and] I wasn’t even wearing it,” she added while referencing her relationship with Minaj. She told Harper that she and Minaj would never be cool again.

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