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Why K. Michelle Says She’ll Never Be Cool with Nicki Minaj

K. Michelle said she wants to make up with Meek Mill but not Nicki Minaj.

Michelle recently dropped by TMZ’s “Raq Rants,” hosted by Raquel Harper, and spoke about Nicki’s 2014 song “Buy a Heart,” featuring Meek.

K. Michelle said she wants to make up with Meek Mill but not Nicki Minaj.


During the interview, the R&B singer said Meek played her the song, and it was supposed to be hers, but he later gave it to Nicki. In the past, Michelle said the Young Money rapper thought she and Meek were having sex, so she didn’t want her to have the record. The “Love ‘Em All” crooner also claimed that Nicki sent her fans to attack her back then.

“The only reason I had ‘Anyone Wanna Buy a Heart,’ is because you played me the record to get my opinion and you didn’t keep the record so they gave me the record,” Michelle explained. “Why do me like that and you in jail? … She telling people to take my Dream Chaser’s chain, and I wasn’t even wearing it.”

Harper then asked if Nicki ever got the chain back, and Michelle said she didn’t.

“Hell naw, bitch.” Michelle stated.

The singer then said that although she’s no longer mad at Ms. Minaj, they can never be cool with each other. But she feels totally differently about Meek.

“I want Meek to do well,” stated Michelle. “We were friends, and I always thought you were extremely talented, and they need you out here in the streets helping the kids, we don’t need you back in jail, so stay on your sh–.”

The Barbz have already attacked Michelle online for the TMZ interview.

“The Nicki obsession has got to stop,” someone wrote on her Instagram page.

“You act like that record was about to do something for your non-existent career,” wrote another person. “Stop using Nicki and Meek for clout.”

Check out a clip of Michelle’s interview below.

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