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Fans Slam Joseline Hernandez for Always Grabbing Her Private Area

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” alum Joseline Hernandez is getting put on blast for continuously clutching her lady parts in pictures.

Hernandez who’s been slammed before for her provocative behavior in photos, drew again backlash for some of her recent photos. The star took to her Instagram account on Friday evening and uploaded a few images of herself posing for the ‘Gram.

In the pictures, Hernandez donned casual denim blue jean attire including short-shorts that stopped above her upper thigh. The photo that grabbed majority of fans’ attention was of the 31-year-old posing with her right middle finger up and her left hand touch her genitals.

She wrote in her Instagram caption, “Coldest b–ch Eva!”

Joseline Hernandez

photo courtesy @joseline

A few fans were repulsed by Hernandez’s explicit actions.

“Why does she have her hand on her crotchall the time, don’t she know here daughter is going to see this?” one fan asked.

Another added, “This pic is not cute! It’s a very hostile photo. Stop making a spectacle of yourself! I think you are very beautiful, and I have nothing but admiration for you. Please get it together for your Daughter.”

One person jumped to Hernandez’s defense and told critics to ‘back off.”

“Joseline is being herself and whoever doesn’t like it can shut the f–k up and back tf off 💯!” the person wrote.

Hernandez has yet to address naysayers who’ve critiqued her recent photo, but she appears to be used to the criticism from social media users. In 2017, she told Huffington Post that she’s unbothered by the daily hate she receives from people on the internet and declared that everyone was entitled to their opinion.

“Everybody’s able to say whatever they want, feel however they feel, and it’s not really a big deal to me because if I choose to live my life in front of the media then I need to take what they give,” Hernandez explained.

Joseline Hernandez

photo courtesy @joseline

She also addressed how being on reality television portrayed her in a negative light but said she loves reality TV.

“I had a great time doing the show and I still do have a great time doing reality because it’s fun,” Hernandez insisted. “Even though sometimes they can edit it a certain way. At the end of the day I don’t regret anything that I do.”

Hernandez will be starring on her new We TV reality series “Joseline Takes Miami.” There’s no yet date as to when it’s supposed to premiere.

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