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‘Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread:’ Social Media Sops Up Evelyn Lozada’s Video of Son’s Bedtime Prayer

The 4-year-old son of “Basketball Wives of L.A.” star Evelyn Lozada won social media over with a touching prayer he recited online this week.

Lozada took to Instagram on Jan. 23 and uploaded a Snapchat video of her and her son Leo seemingly getting ready for bed. With her pizzly filter on, the mother of two panned her mobile camera toward her and the 4-year-old before telling him to “say your prayer.”

Little Leo began to recite the following while clasping his hands: “God I love you … I want you to make a better place … for hungry people can have food … love… family … houses.”

Lozada appeared elated that her 4-year-old prayed for the “homeless.”

“Leo’s prayer 🙏🏽 He prayed for the world to be a better place & he also prayed for the homeless 😓❤️#MyAngel #Amen,” she wrote in her Instagram caption Wednesday morning.

Supporters of Lozada fawned over little Leo’s sweet prayer and appeared to be touched by the child’s words.

“OMGEEE..This is so incredibly touching,” one fan commented. “Moved me to tears.. LEO you’re an 👼🏾 #God bless you today and always baby✨.”

Another added, “Amen pumpkin! Thank you Leo for that beautiful prayer!”

One fan wrote, “🙏🏽so sweet 😢 Leo’s prayer was so cute and touching please share more vids like this.”

Lozada welcomed her son in March 2014 with her ex-fiancé, former major league baseball outfielder Carl Crawford. She delivered her son naturally in just four pushes with Crawford by her side.

The “BBW” initially kept the identity of her child’s father hidden until the couple got engaged over Christmas in 2013. They split in August 2017 due to the athlete’s several infidelities.

“They did break up but it was over infidelity back in February,” a representative for Lozada told Us Weekly at the time. “Right now they are focused on being responsible and loving parents to their 3-year-old kid.” The rep also noted the former couple “do remain friends” but were not living together.

The 42-year-old mother also confirmed with a recent photo of her, Crawford and their son Leo together that she and the former baseball player still have a co-parenting relationship.

“Our baby Leo is ‘Star of The Week’ ⭐️⚾️💙 #CarlLeoCrawford #HeWasSurprised #CoParentingLife,” she wrote in December.

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