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‘RHOA’ Fans Begging for Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss to Bury the Hatchet Once and for All

On the first “Real Housewives of Atlanta” episode documenting the cast’s September 2018 trip to Tokyo, Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss managed to put their differences aside for a time as the former announced her pregnancy.

At least, that’s what each of the women said they’d do.

But when Williams told her cast mates to recite a Japanese phrase that translated to “I’m pregnant,” many of the women enthusiastically congratulated her, while Burruss was less excited.

Fans noticed the response and called Burruss out for it, too.

“Kandi looks bitter as hell at Porsha’s pregnancy announcement #RHOA.”

“kandi is jealous of porsha & it shows bad #RHOA.”

“Shamari and Kandi gon bond over their mutual dislike of Porsha #RHOA.”

Even still, the ladies managed to keep things generally cordial during the trip and left fans hoping they could put their differences aside once and for all.

“I just want Kandi & Porsha to finally bury the hatchet. It’s been like three seasons long with their on going beef #Rhoa.”

“This Kandi and Porsha beef is so tired #RHOA.”

The women’s feud erupted again when Burruss disclosed that Williams’ man, Dennis McKinley, has made it a habit to get his girlfriends’ names tattooed on him.

Things came to a head on a previous “RHOA” episode when Burruss and Williams traded barbs over Williams confronting one of McKinley’s exes at Burruss’ husband’s Todd Tucker’s birthday party in August.

Williams was ultimately kicked out of the bash because of the incident. She explained she was upset that Burruss did not get in touch with her the next day when blogs lit up the internet proclaiming pregnant Williams had gotten into a brawl.

“You’re always are the aggressor and then become the victim,” Burruss told her foe. “You don’t know how to control yourself. That’s the problem.”

“I’m nobody’s victim, b—-,” Williams replied.

Yet somehow, the ladies were able to continue on with the festivities of the night with their co-stars.

This is the latest in a series of incidents that have broken apart Burruss and Williams. During season 9, Phaedra Parks was caught in the middle when she was blamed for spreading a rumor that Burruss and her husband wanted to drug and rape Williams in her supposed sex dungeon.

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