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Kandi Burruss Reveals New Details About Porsha Williams’ Man Having Multiple Tattoos In Honor of Girlfriends

Kandi Burruss has been teasing that she knows people who have dated her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Porsha Williams now-fiancé. And on Sunday night’s episode, all was revealed about Dennis McKinley’s past dating habits.

Burruss met up with Jami, a marketing and branding consultant whom Williams fell out with, and she spilled that she had a friend who dated McKinley.

“I know him. My friend dated him. When we were in Africa. She found out because her friend text and said that he’s with Porsha now. So, it was a big situation. She was crying,” Jami said before adding McKinley dated her friend for 2 and a half to 3 years.

Burruss shared that the timeline for that relationship doesn’t add up since The Original Hot Dog Factory owner had been dating other people she knew at the time, too.

“He falls pretty quickly and he tattoos people’s names on him,” Burruss remarked. “I know somebody he got his tattoo of. I think he got her face and her name.”

Jami divulged that McKinley also got her pal’s name inked on him.

Meanwhile, Williams was gushing to her mom about how the serial entrepreneur has her name tatted on his leg — and that he’s planning to put her face on his back.

The tea got fans buzzing about  Burruss’ apparent preoccupation with Williams.


“Kandi need to focus on her boring ass relationship and leave that girl alone! Her and her minions always picking at her. She happy let her be happy. That ain’t tea that’s straight hating.”

“Kandi should’ve listened to Todd and zipped it.”

“stonie2003_Wait. Y’all was ok with Porsha doing this to Kandi. Making up lies, spreading false rumors. Porsha literally accused Kandi of being a rapist knowing it was true. So no one holds her accountable for that, but everyone holds Kandi accountable for her sharing some Tea on Porshas boyfriend. Porsha was spreading stuff that could end Kandi’s career and possibly put her in jail. Y’all tripping.”

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