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RHOA Viewers Take Sides After Learning What Led to Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams’ Big Falling-Out Over the Summer

Things between Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss finally came to a head on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Sunday, and fans have swiftly begun making the singer out to be the bad guy.

After reports emerged over the summer that the once cordial peach holders were on back on bad terms after having unfollowed one another on Instagram, viewers have finally learned what led the associates to splinter.

It all started at Burruss’ birthday party for her husband, Todd Tucker, in August. There, a woman who was one of Williams’ fiancé Dennis McKinley’s ex-girlfriends approached The Original Hot Dog Factory owner with one of Burruss’ employees. Williams confronted the woman — who is friends with her former assistant, Jami Zeigler, someone with whom Williams also has a beef — after she went in to kiss McKinley on the cheek. Williams and her man were ultimately kicked out of the party by security.

Shortly afterward, Williams and Burruss recapped the incident among their respective friends.

Williams spoke to her sister Lauren, McKinley, and his friend about what occurred, while Burruss broke things down with Tucker and the folks at her Kandi Koated Entertainment offices, including manager DonJuan Clark.

Williams said she texted Burruss, who has recently been mentioning the ex in question as one of the many women whose names McKinley has tattooed on him, about what happened. The singer said she’d follow up about it but never did. The next morning, Williams, who is pregnant, awoke to stories in blogs alleging she was in a fight at the party. She blamed Burruss’ team for spreading the gossip.

“They put out a story that I literally beat up a girl at the party and then security dragged me out of there — I wasn’t even drinking that night. I’m pregnant, I’m with child,” Williams explained on the Jan. 6 episode. “Somebody decided to bring this ex that Kandi’s been talking about straight over to Dennis to kiss him on his cheek in front of me. I told Kandi as soon as it happened that her team has kicked me out of her party. To not even check and come out or call later or anything? And then put all this horrible stuff on the blogs? It sounds like a setup, it smells like a setup — it is a setup!”

However, when Burruss told her version of the story, Williams was the aggressor. The star claimed her co-star chest bumped the woman and started to pick a fight.

“I did not see what was going on with Porsha, but from what I heard, she was following behind the girl — the girl was walking away,” Burruss said to her team, who, not knowing then that Williams is pregnant, speculated that her actions were alcohol-induced. “I don’t have time for you acting out just because you don’t like your boyfriend talking to somebody you used to date. Like, get over it.”

Things came to a head during a gathering among the housewives at Tanya Sam’s house when the pair clashed over their differing stories. Williams deemed Burruss someone who isn’t her friend and expressed regret over attending the summer bash.

“You’re always are the aggressor and then become the victim,” Burruss said. “You don’t know how to control yourself. That’s the problem.”

“I’m nobody’s victim, b—-,” Williams hit back.

The conclusion of their spat is set to air next Sunday, Jan. 13, on Bravo.

Meanwhile, fans have been largely siding with Williams over the matter, as they’re fed up with Burruss’ continued talk about Williams’ relationship.

“Kandi and her lil Kandi Koated Clique are pitiful, pathetic and always having business meetings about Porsha! #RHOA.”

“Kandi and her team are lying. They thought everyone would believe that she was the aggressor but they didn’t know she was pregnant. No pregnant woman would instigate a fight… stop #RHOA.”

“Kandi and her ’employees’ are SO unprofessional and the biggest haters ever. They’re obsessed with Porsha & have been sucking her tit since S9. The Blandi Koated Klique owes Porsha a check. So pathetic I can’t watch. #RHOA.”

“#RHOA I really don’t like Kandi’s attitude this season, she’s looking messy and like a hater. If you don’t like Portia don’t shoot with her.”

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