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Fans Curious About Zonnique Pullins’ Eye Color as Pregnancy Rumors Grow

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” alum Zonnique Pullins appears to be the topic of discussion on social media.

The 22-year-old shocked fans in a recent video after showing off her “beautiful” brown eyes. For the longest, she’d been spotted with two different eye colors stemming from her risky eye color surgery in 2015.

In a video of Pullins flossing her newly dyed and cut hair, fans automatically noticed that both of her eyes were brown as opposed to them being two different eye colors. Fans in the star’s comment section wondered if she’d permanently reversed her grayish-blue eye color back to her original one.

“What happen to the green eyes?” one fan asked Pullins.

Another added, “You look prettier with your natural brown eyes 👀.”

Pullins, daughter of Tiny Harris and stepdaughter of T.I., starred on season 1 of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle,” where she opened up about her eye color surgery experience. In 2015, a year after her mother permanently changed her brown eyes to ice-gray, Pullins traveled to Tunisia and had BrightOcular implants placed in her irises. However, she told viewers she decided to reverse the surgery in 2018 after learning the implants could permanently impair her vision.

However, Pullins’ eye color switch isn’t the only thing fans have noticed that’s different about her. There has also been speculation that the 22-year-old is pregnant after folks pointed out her seemingly fuller belly in an Instagram photo posted on Friday, Jan. 18.

She shared a photo of herself, apparently from a cruise in December 2018. In the photo, Pullins posed on a couch in all black with both her arms slightly covering her belly.

Zonnique Pullins

photo courtesy@zonnique

She added in her caption, “Throwback to the cruise when my man was tryna make sure I still took pictures with nice backgrounds lmao.”

Social media instantly nitpicked the picture and speculated the star was trying to hide her “baby bump” with her arms masking her stomach.

“You’re pregnant 🤰 and I can tell 😊,” one person wrote.

Another fan commented, “The first pose is a dead giveaway 😂 & look how far out her hands are resting on her shirt 😍 You’re pregnant. We can all tell lol.”

Neither Pullins or her 22-year-old rapper boyfriend Bandhunta Izzy has addressed the pregnancy rumors. The couple seem to have been dating since mid-2018, which was first revealed after Izzy posted a video of himself and Pullins playing golf, and confirmed since then with several photos and videos of the two booed up.

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