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Zonnique Pullins Eye Color Change Could Cause Her to Go Blind

The first “T.I & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle” episode aired Monday, and during the promo of the next episode at the 41:18 mark, Zonnique Pullins revealed her eye color change could cause her to go blind.

In the snippets of what’s to come in the show, Pullins was talking to her maternal grandmother Dianne Cottle-Pope about her eyes. “My eye started bothering me, doctor told me that ‘you could possibly go blind.'”

This news about her eyes doesn’t come as a surprise, as her fans were never really a fan of the eye color change and suspected possible health issues.

On Saturday, a video promotion for the new show on Instagram Pullins was seen with one blueish grey eye and one brown eye. The fans commented in disapproval, “Wtf wrong with her eyes she going be blind if she don’t stop,” one fan said. Another fan commented, “was she having issues from them or just missed her natural eyes?”

Back in 2015, Pullins and her mother Tiny Harris revealed they permanently changed their eye color. Pullins told Juicy Magazine about how she got her surgery shortly after her mother. “I did actually change my eye color as well, I just didn’t say anything about it. … Not at the same time [as her mom’s eye color change surgery] — not that long after her [Tiny Harris],” she said.

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