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Asia’h Epperson Confirms She Was in Leaked Video With T.I. Backstage but Blames Him for ‘Flirty’ Behavior

“Greenleaf” actress Asia’h Epperson appears to be fed up with people still labeling her a “homewrecker” after a leaked video of her and rapper T.I. surfaced online in 2018.

Things quickly spiraled out of control the second Epperson commented Monday, Jan. 21, under a post on the Instagram account titled “The Shade Room” about hoping to find love one day. She was met with comments from fans who accused her of being T.I.’s mistress. However, she fired back at those fans for bringing up “old rumors” which she claimed weren’t true. She told critics that she was never intimately involved with the “Troubleman” rapper and noted that they were just friends.

“Let me be clear, the accusations of me having a relationship with that man, being a ‘side chic,’ a “homewrecker” or whatever else ya’ll wanna call me, is absolutely positively 100% FALSE!!” the actress explained.

Epperson then confirmed that she was the woman in the video that T.I. was seen smacking on the butt and seemingly kissing on the neck, after a fan asked, “So she was the one in tge video with T.I. smacking her on the butt?”

“Yeah yeah! That was me!” the “Greenleaf” actress replied before seemingly blaming T.I. for overstepping the lines as a married man.

Asia'h Epperson

photo via shaderoom

“He smacked me on the butt! I didn’t know I had control over that mans choices. We are friends and he shouldn’t of done that. That was too touch feely and flirty for a married man. Had no idea that was about to happen. Wrong place wrong time. … I guess I was supposed to turn around and smack him? Start a whole ‘me too’ movement!!? Confused on the reaction the public expected e to have in that moment,” Epperson wrote from her verified Instagram account.

Asia'h Epperson

(photo credit: Instagram)

Another fan suggested that Epperson could have walked away from T.I. after being smacked on the butt but chose not to. She replied by saying that anyone in her situation wouldn’t know how to react until they’re “in it.”

“Sounds that simple right?” she said. “However, the truth is, everyone can say what they think should of happened. … But in reality, no one knows how they would handle a situation until you’re in it! … Lesson learned.”

photo credit: Instagram

In June 2018, a Snapchat video surfaced of T.I. and Epperson cozied up backstage at one of his concerts in Indianapolis. In the video, the rapper was seen hitting the actress on the butt while she sits next to him. He also seemingly kisses her on the neck while placing his arm around her.

Not long after the video surfaced, Tiny Harris and T.I. reportedly separated for some weeks. The couple even went back and forth on social media with cryptic messages that took jabs at one another. However, the couple’s marriage seems to be back on solid footing. The couple were recently pictured together as a family unit at the 2019 Trumpet Awards on Saturday, Jan. 19.

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