T.I.’s Alleged Mistress Asia’h Epperson Trashes His Marriage to Tiny, ‘If Ya’ll Only Knew’

Just when T.I. and Tiny Harris apparently put his cheating scandal behind them, the rapper’s rumored mistress has opened up the floodgates by sharing some insight into her involvement with Tip.

Greenleaf” star Asia’h Epperson rattled off some Instagram comments on Wednesday that seemed to fire back at allegations of her being a homewrecker. She also indicated T.I.’s marriage with Harris was already damaged. Epperson then said she’s into building a home of her own.

“A homewrecker I never would be. Not my style! I’m into building baby!!! However, on another note… just so [you] know, u can’t wreck a wrecked home! Hey!!! IJS.”

And there’s another indication that the public doesn’t know the half of what went down during the rift in the performers’ union.

“Boy boy!!!!! If y’all only knew!” Epperson commented in part to an IG user.


Others have chimed in on Epperson’s latest two cents.

“That girl is just clout chasing. She can’t send someone back to their wife who never left or would take directives from her. She talks too much and men always ghost women when they talk too much.”

“Men lie all the time to get piece then they go back home.”

“@troubleman31 Please stop embarrassing your wife and children. A man does not need to be married if he does not want to be faithful @majorgirl.”

In June, a Snapchat video surfaced of T.I. backstage at one of his concerts in Indianapolis cozying up to Epperson. Afterward, Harris aired out her feelings on the matter in various ways and even got into a passive-aggressive social media spat with Epperson with the two liking comments taking sides in the matter.

In the months since then, however, the Harris’ marriage seems to be on the up-and-up. As recently as August, the pair documented a late-night family swim session with their children. That came after Harris had supported Tip with his BET series “The Grand Hustle” and around the time he backed up her juice bar opening.

Meanwhile, Epperson has indicated she’s no longer involved with T.I, telling an Instagram user who asked about her relationship status that she’s “single as a $1 bill baby!!!!!”

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