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Tyga Attempts to Prove He Had the Biggest Comeback of 2018 In Response to Soulja Boy’s Claim

Tyga used a screenshot to refute Soulja Boy‘s claim of having the biggest comeback of 2018.

Last week the “Crank That” rapper barked at his fans for suggesting Tyga had the best re-branding of his image last year by dropping two big songs in “Taste” and “Dip.” This was after the California rapper was mainly associated with gossip fodder for dating a Kardashian and having financial issues. But Soulja said he had the biggest comeback of 2018 for other reasons.

Tyga posted a screenshot of Spot


“N—-s up in here talking about Tyga?” he yelled on IG Live.

“Tyga had the biggest [comeback]? Man, get the f–k out of here. I had the biggest come back of 2018. Signed a record deal. Did four new TV shows and signed an endorsement deal with Fashion Nova, released my own smart watch and video game console. N—-s thought it was over for me after all that beef sh–.”

Soulja also dissed Tyga on his much talked about “Breakfast Club” interview.

“Tyga, the n—- who let Travis Scott steal his b-tch,” referencing Tyga’s ex Kylie Jenner.

But the former Cash Money member didn’t respond to any of that, he just posted his digital streaming numbers along with Soulja’s. In 2018 the “Rack City” rapper was streamed 884 million times on the Spotify website, compared with Soulja’s 98 million.

“Who had the biggest comeback?!” wrote Tyga above the screenshot.

The “Pretty Boy Swag” writer replied after that and repeated what he said during his IG Live rant last week, that he had the biggest comeback because of his business deals. Recently, Soulja also claimed to be the first rap star on the Internet and said he deserves 5 percent of all rappers’ streaming revenue.

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