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Porsha Williams Thinks This May Prove She’s ‘Less Crazy’ Than She Used To Be

Porsha Williams has had her fair share of outbursts over the course of her time on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but the star says this Instagram meme may prove she’s calmed down some.

“She crazy if she understands this: IDGAFWABGTSAMIKWTFIDAWTFIDD,” it read.

porsha williams


Williams initially co-signed it in her caption, essentially certifying that she is apparently insane.

“🙋🏾‍♀️Crazy,” the expectant mom said.

But in response to her assistant Dominic Rahjee saying he definitely fits the bill, she said, “I started struggle around ‘I know what the f—…’ so I think PJ making me less crazy lmao.”

PJ, of course, is the affectionate nickname she and fiancé Dennis McKinley call their unborn baby girl, whom they’ll be welcoming into the world in just a few short months.

porsha williams

But before PJ was on her radar, Williams had led the crazy show on “RHOA.” She even explicitly mentioned she did so when she confronted McKinley, who was then her boyfriend. The reality star took issue with him disappearing during their trip to Miami.

“Where was you last night?” Williams said to her man in the season 11 premiere of “RHOA.”

“My homeboy is in town, staying at the same hotel,” McKinley explained. “We came back here and we was kickin’ it.”

Williams told McKinley he returned to their suite drunk, but he said that wasn’t so and noted he was only downstairs for an hour. But his girlfriend thought he left for much longer than that.

“I finally texted you were you OK around 4:30 a.m.,” she fired off. “You really wanna do all this and it started with a toothbrush?”

The spat didn’t continue for long, and Williams acknowledged in a confessional that she was “supposed to be hiding the crazy!”

“This man is never gonna propose!” she added.

As it turns out, however, McKinley did pop the question a few months after Williams disclosed that she was pregnant.

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