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Porsha Williams Unleashes Her ‘Crazy’ on Dennis McKinley and Fans Are Giving Her the Side-Eye

Porsha Williams acknowledged on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Sunday that she should calm down her “crazy” until later on in their relationship if she wanted a ring, but she just couldn’t help herself.

After she and boyfriend Dennis McKinley trekked to Miami on the Nov. 11 episode, she wanted to know where the entrepreneur snuck off to after the two had a romantic dinner to celebrate Williams’ birthday.

“Oh my God I’m supposed to be hiding the crazy!” she said with a laugh during a confessional scene. “This man is never gonna propose!”

“Where was you last night?” Williams’ interrogation began.

“My homeboy is in town, staying at the same hotel,” he replied. “We came back here and we was kickin’ it.”

Williams claimed her man came back into their suite drunk, which he denied. After he said he was downstairs for an hour, Williams claimed he was gone for longer.

“I finally texted you were you OK around 4:30 a.m.,” she said. “You really wanna do all this and it started with a toothbrush?”

The lovers’ quarrel didn’t last for long, however. Williams quickly apologized after realizing she should be grateful for how special her man made the weekend.

“I normally don’t ask Dennis a lot of questions because, you know, ignorance is bliss,” she said in a confessional, noting it was their first argument. “I’m enjoying where we are right now. Why mess it up?”

Viewers who caught the moment gave the star major side-eye.

“Did Porsha just pick a fight because she was on camera? I’ve been fast forwarding through her scenes but caught the tail end. #rhoa.”

“Omg now she’s picking a fight. I’m getting second-hand embarrassment watching this s—. Porsha needs a Pepsi and badly #RHOA.”

“Wow. Now Porsha’s picking petty ass fights lmao smh #RHOA.”

“#rhoA This your first fight and the cameras just happen to be there. If this season is all focused on Porsha I will NOT be tuning in.”

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