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Porsha Williams Immediately Deemed ‘Disgusting’ After Admitting She Uses Fiancé’s Toothbrush

Porsha Williams had viewers gagging this Sunday when she revealed a surprising habit about her oral hygiene.

While on a trip to Miami on with then-boyfriend Dennis McKinley, she forgot a toothbrush and wound up ultimately using his, deeming the soft-bristled one he ordered for her from the hotel too soft.

When she asked her fellow castmates about it, they all deemed it revolting.

“The point of a toothbrush is to remove tartar,” new housewives Eva Marcielle said during the lively discussion on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Nov. 11.

Her castmates also chimed in during a supercut with Cynthia Bailey saying, “I like Mike, I don’t know if I like him that much” and Nene Leakes admitting, “I’m almost about to throw up in the back of my mouth a little bit.”

Kandi Burruss deemed it “disgusting” and tweeted, “How many of y’all share the same toothbrush with your significant other? On purpose…. 🤔#RHOA.”

porsha williamsFans were just as relentless as they tweeted along during the show.

“Porsha has all this damn money and is sharing a toothbrush with her man?! That’s nasty as f— #RHOA.”

“Porsha really has me feeling uncomfortable, the way she shares her toothbrush with her man. Like fam 🤢. How can u brush your tongues, with the same brush. That’s dutty. #RHOA.”

“I am absolutely mortified that Porsha shares a toothbrush with her boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri Jr. #RHOA.”


“Wait a damn nasty ass minute! Porsha shares her boyfriend’s toothbrush?! That is absolutely disgusting on the highest level! The lowest level of hygiene possible! WOW! You got money for ass, titties and teeth but you can’t invest in your OWN toothbrush?! 😳🤮🤮🤮 #RHOA.”

“Porsha is disgusting. Idc how much I love you. I’m not using my boyfriend toothbrush 😷 #RHOA.”

But Williams took it all in stride kidding along with fans and sharing her fiancé’s thoughts.

porsha williams

porsha williams

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