K. Michelle Curses Out a Fan Who Trashed Her During an Instagram Live Session: ‘Stupid Face A–!’


Music artist K. Michelle is starting the new year with an exertion of energy and letting folks know that she’s not to be messed with.

The 33-year-old R&B singer held a live session with her fans on Instagram this week to talk to them about her upcoming music projects. However, during the Jan. 16 online forum a fan of K. Michelle’s kept posting negative comments like calling her a “b–ch.”

K. Michelle quickly nipped the situation in the bud by inviting the troll to do a joint Instagram live video with her. Things quickly went from 0 to 100 after she unleashed her pent-up fury on the fan over the rude remarks.

“What’s up make-up-I-did-it-with-Crayola-face-a**, stupid-face-a–, ugly-a– b–ch!” K. Michelle screamed at the female fan. “Yellow teeth-a** motherf–ker! Go suck some d–k! Shut up!”

K. Michelle
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The female fan who slighted the singer tried getting a word in but was cut off by K. Michelle’s insults. The 33-year-old ended her joint video with the individual moments later. She justified her explosive actions toward the fan by stating that it was completely unnecessary for the person to leave negative comments during her live session.

“You’s a motherf–king loser! That’s what the f*ck you is, b–ch! On somebody’s comments with a dirty towel wrapped around your head! What the f–k? You couldn’t clean the towel? Take your a– the f–k up off this motherf–king phone, my nigga! For real!” K. Michelle exclaimed.

Other people were taken aback by K. Michelle’s aggressive behavior towards the naysayer.

“So not classy. Kimberly supposed to be different person not a gangsta smh 😩.”

“She is so talented and I love her voice but all the drama, acting with no class overshadow her talent. Girl you did not have to go off like that…”

One person defended K. Michelle and felt the non-fan got exactly what she deserved.

“I don’t  blame K…how do you even end up on somebody’s live that you supposedly don’t like? These ‘fans’ some whole, psychotic clowns out here🤦‍♀️.”

The singer eventually calmed herself down but warned anyone who dared to post any negative remarks on her social posts again.

“Don’t try to get your five minutes of fame coming over here talking,” said the 33-year-old. “Your momma still don’t want you, and your daddy ran away from home. It is what it is. Don’t be over tryin’ to get no attention, ’cause I’ll just block your a–. What y’all doin’?”

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Looks like #kmichelle let a non fan get her riled up #NBK 👃👢

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