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K. Michelle Tells Disrespectful Saleswoman to ‘GTFO’ My Porch

K. Michelle had fans cracking up after scaring a strange white woman who kept ringing the singer’s doorbell. The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star shared a video with Instagram users of an odd saleswoman who kept ringing her doorbell.

In the recording, “little bo peep” walked up to K. Michelle’s home, rung her doorbell and began twerking in front of the star’s home security camera. However, the strange woman was in for a rude awakening after K. yelled at the woman through her “Ring Security Doorbell” to “get the f**k” off of her porch.

“Get your a** off this mu**erfu**ing porch b**ch,” K. Michelle yelled at the saleswoman who bolted off in her golf cart like lightning.

“I don’t know who this lady is that keeps ringing my door bell everyday! We don’t want none of what you selling,” K. wrote in her caption. “She didn’t know I could speak to her wherever I’m at from my phone. I don’t play about privacy at my house. Don’t disrespect my house little bo peep! Don’t come back either! 😂 Thank God for the RING security doorbell! I know when there is any motion on my property. 😂 I’m not mad though I was playing wit her. I was in tears laughing!!! She didn’t know where that voice was coming from!”

Fans were laughing tears in K. Michelle’s comment section and said they were glad she’s okay.

“She heard the voice of God boom thru that intercom and bolted 🤣 i’m glad your safe tho,” one person commented.

“Damn u made lil girl 💩her self real fast,” another added.

“orry Becky, you twerked your McMuffins on the wrong porch!”

“Good thing for dat security cam the moment Chelsea knew, she fkd up. 😭”

“With all these celebrity home break ins going on, they all need your voice as a security system with that said I’m dead. That lil heffa burnt off quick 😂.”

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