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Tami Roman’s Daughter Jazz Takes Mom’s Youthful Looks to a Whole New Level

It’s no secret that Tami Roman has apparently discovered the fountain of youth. But her daughter Jazz Anderson took that and ran with it in a recent Instagram Story Q&A.

Anderson put out a request on the social media platform Thursday to have followers ask her anything or tell her something. One fan asked, “tami from basketball wives’ is your mom?”

“We just be hangin out, been cool since like 96,” the 22-year-old said in response.

Roman herself got ahold of the question and shared it on her own IG page on Jan. 10, writing, “Jazz answer took me out. 😂😂😂”

tami roman


The joke made by the young rapper speaks to not only how close the duo has apparently been since her birth, but also just how youthful the “Basketball Wives” star looks.

Fans previously have remarked on just how much Roman’s appearance doesn’t match her 48 years on earth.

In December, a photo of Roman and her older daughter, Lyric Anderson, standing side by side had fans in awe of how much they looked alike, as Lyric is just 24 years old.

“@tamiroman yes ma’am, that’s your twin.”

“She definitely your twin I thought this was you twice doing a combined photo of yourself 😂😂😂😂.”

“Twinsies 👍🏽.”

It’s not just mom’s young looks that makes headlines when it comes to her and her daughters either.

Back in August, Jazz stuck up for her mother when a fan decided to criticize her about her weight. Previously, Roman explained why she appeared to have such a gaunt frame, noting she was managing her diabetes.

“@mommalouisiana U lame. How you come on someone else’s page (WHO U STILL FOLLOW) early in the morning to hate. Go brush your teeth first, get the crust out your eye before you attempt a bad joke,” the rapper hit back at the user, who described her mother’s legs as “candlesticks.”


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