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Fans Keep Siding with Porsha Williams and Blast Kandi Burruss for Her Continued Preoccupation with ‘RHOA’ Co-Sta

Kandi Burruss isn’t the biggest fan favorite this season on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and folks have let her know it in a recent Instagram post she made.

The singer on Wednesday posted a group photo of herself, her husband Todd Tucker, co-star Cynthia Bailey and her boyfriend Mike Hill.

“#Funtimes with @todd167 @cynthiabailey10 & @itsmikehill,” Burruss captioned the Jan. 9 post.

kandi burruss


The fun times were cast aside, however, by fans who were fed up with Burruss’ continued storyline that focuses on Porsha Williams.

“It upsets me @kandi, when you talk about Porsha and her relationship, because you had to actually keep todd afloat in order for him to rock your boat!!!!”

“@kandi I love you but stay out of Porsche business about her man… please,,,, y’all are so much better as friends.

Burruss has been feuding with Williams since season 8 when former peach holder Phaedra Parks spread a rumor that the performer wanted to drug and rape Williams in her supposed sex dungeon with Tucker. Burruss spent all of season 9 keeping her distance from the current mom-to-be and refusing to accept her continued apologies. But by season 10, the two finally came to a place where they could be cordial. Burruss even said on Instagram in June that the women are “cool again.”

But the “RHOA” episode that aired Jan. 6 showed what led to the cast mates to be back on the outs.

At Tucker’s birthday party in August, Williams confronted a friend of Burruss’ employee who was also her fiancé Dennis McKinley’s ex-girlfriend. Burruss said Wiliams bucked up on the woman, but Williams said she wasn’t the aggressor. Both said security led Williams out of the party with McKinley.

The next day, Williams woke up to blogs claiming she had another altercation, as she did at Parks’ holiday party in season 8 with her former marketing manager Jami Zeigler. Williams denied she ever got into a physical dispute.

“They put out a story that I literally beat up a girl at the party and then security dragged me out of there — I wasn’t even drinking that night. I’m pregnant, I’m with child,” Williams explained. “Somebody decided to bring this ex that Kandi’s been talking about straight over to Dennis to kiss him on his cheek in front of me. I told Kandi as soon as it happened that her team has kicked me out of her party. To not even check and come out or call later or anything? And then put all this horrible stuff on the blogs? It sounds like a setup, it smells like a setup — it is a setup!”

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