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‘She Wants What I Have:’ Shamari DeVoe Addresses Why Marlo Hampton Might Have an Issue With Her

It turns out Shamari DeVoe probably wasn’t actually issuing some “playful shade” at Marlo Hampton like she claimed she was.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star stopped by Atlanta radio station V-103 Thursday, Jan. 10, to discuss her new single with husband Ronnie DeVoe, “Love Comes Through.” It was released under their duo moniker, Me & Mari.

But the topic of conversation soon turned to her spat with Hampton, which was revved up over the previous weekend.

When the Blaque singer appeared on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” Sunday, she was asked who the shadiest housewife is.

“Of course I’m gonna say — oh, wait a minute, Marlo’s not a housewife, is she?” she answered, taking aim at Hampton’s longtime status as a friend of the show rather than getting bumped up to being a peach holder.

The remark came after an episode aired last week of Hampton giving DeVoe lip for her outdated sense of style.

That led the women to trade barbs on Twitter, going at everything from Hampton’s run-ins with the law to Ronnie’s tax lien. But Shamari attempted to quell things by brushing it off as “playful shade.” However, her remarks on the “The Frank Ski Morning Show” tell a different story.

While addressing why she thinks Hampton has it out for her, Shamari explained that Hampton’s lack of a peach could have something to do with it.

“She’s just been after me,” she says. “I think when people are very hateful and judgmental it’s a reflection of their own insecurities. … I think that she’s just so into these labels and she wants to cover up behind the labels. She’s going after my fashion, she’s calling my mother a B-I-T-C-H.

“I think it’s mainly because she wants what I have,” Shamari posits. “She’s not a wife, I am a wife. She’s not a mother, I’m a mother. She’s been on the housewives for six seasons and she has only been a friend of the show. She’s not an official cast member. I came on, first season had a peach. I think she just wants what I have, and it’s sad.”

Hampton hasn’t responded to Shamari’s remarks.

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