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Shamari DeVoe Hits Back at Marlo Hampton for Taking So Much Shady Interest In Her Style

Shamari DeVoe’s fashion sense has been the focus of her time since she debuted on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and Marlo Hampton is not afraid to discuss it.

When DeVoe, Hampton and the rest of the “RHOA” ladies ventured to Destin, Fla., for a girls trip, the subject of DeVoe needing a makeover was once again brought up. After mistakenly believing that Porsha Williams said her fellow Decatur, Ga., native needed an image overhaul, it was confirmed that Eva Marcille made the declaration during a game of “Pass the Peach.” Still, Hampton jumped in to affirm that DeVoe needed help in the style department.

“I do feel you’re beautiful, you’re gorgeous,” Hampton begins toward the end of the Dec. 16 episode. “You can’t get ugly nowhere. The fashion, you need help with it. Not being funny. I would have a field day with you.”

“Sorry, Marlo, I don’t take advice from a woman that dresses like she’s the main character in ‘Pirate of the Caribbeans,'” DeVoe said in a confessional.

However, it’s not just Hampton who thinks DeVoe needs to upgrade her clothing. When viewers saw that the singer does in fact have a stylist, named Julian, they held nothing back.

“Wait a minute! You mean Shamari got a dang stylist????!!!!! #rhoa”

“Shamari, who hires a stylist to outfit you in clothes from Rainbow? #rhoa.”

“Shamari! Fire you’re stylist! Either he’s blind or hates you. #RHOA”

Further, Hampton even goes on to attempt to give the Blaque singer a makeover in a teaser for next week’s episode.

In response to the stylist’s interest in DeVoe’s fashions, several fans tweeted their thoughts.

“Shamari does need a makeover… and Marlo told her in a nice way #RHOA.”

“Marlo does not beat around the bush, saying Shamari needs a make over, she just straight up says it. #RHOA.”

The last tweet led DeVoe herself to respond writing, “She’s parched… #Thirsty #SheNeedsSomeMilk.”

shamari devoe

And she has some fans on her side who think Hampton harping on her clothing is just jealousy.

“Marlo, is hurt by Not getting the recognition of peach, she is just a prop, for the show, she really mad at the circumstances of NOT being a full time member of the BRAND!”

“I think Marlo trying to get shamari peach 🍑 that’s why she keep messing with her. but nobody really cares to see you on tv girl #RHOA.”

“Yes because she’s still cuter than Plastic Superficial Margo. She should just laugh at those silly fashion comments.”

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