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Shamari DeVoe Delivers Major Dose of Shade to Marlo Hampton, Prompting Long-time RHOA ‘Friend’ to Make Low Blow

Shamrai DeVoe cemented her feud with Marlo Hampton Sunday night when she took a dig at the longtime friend of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

DeVoe had already had an issue with Hampton, who continued to poke fun at her outdated sense of style, and on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” she let the shadiness show.

A viewer called into the show to ask who the Blaque singer believed was the shadiest housewife.

“Of course I’m gonna say — oh, wait a minute, Marlo’s not a housewife, is she?” DeVoe answered.

The studio audience erupted, and so did those watching along at home.

“Oops shamari nailed it🔥🔥”

“Im here for every last bit of it!!! The new girl holding her own and they mad! Talk about it! @shamaridevoe.”

“Andy was loving that! He’s so messy! Lol.”

Hampton got wind of the remark, and by Monday morning she tweeted, “Thanks @ShamariDeVoe I’m flattered you’re a fan😘; shadiest peach, without a peach, I must be doing something right 😉you looked cute last night though girl, thanks to that fire I put up under those church lace fronts and 1999 outfits.”

That led to another shady response from DeVoe.

“Awww! You’re welcome, friend (of the show) @iheartMarlo ! I’ll be sure to send you an edible arrangement when I get back to Atlanta after doing MY NYC press tour for being a CAST MEMBER of #RHOA… Which hotel and alias are you using this week so I can make sure you get them?”

shamari devoe

That wasn’t the end of it, either. Marlo dismissed DeVoe’s less-than-kind peace offering.

“See @ShamariDeVoe once again I have to school you on Fabulosity! Edible arrangement … my toddler nephews don’t even eat that, try a nice Godiva package, and the alias I’m using this week is wife to Ronnie – same as you 😘.”

That remark prompted DeVoe to make a since-deleted tweet making fun of Hampton’s rap sheet, which includes a 2002 arrest for trying to pass off a fake check, the Daily Mail reported in 2014.

“Oh, MarHO! @iheartMarlo The government is still shut down! Use this opportunity of low credit security to scam to get the latest Gucci instead of putting miles on your coochi this week. Me AND MY husband are busy. Scram, girl! #TryMeAnotherDay.”

Despite the deletion, Hampton used a screenshot of the tweet and replied by taking aim at her financial woes with husband Ronnie DeVoe. Shamari and her New Edition spouse’s Mableton, Ga., home has a $367,000 lien against it because of his tax troubles. Ronnie said on “The Domenick Nati Show” in December that the situation is “being worked on.”

“@ShamariDeVoe I’ve been wearing Gucci since you were singing oohs & aahhsss. I know who is tracking the government shutdown though, you still got to make those IRS installment payments on those back IRS taxes. DM me if you need to borrow something😝🤑”

shamari devoe

Shamari ultimately downplayed her original diss, which apparently hit Hampton hard. The performer tweeted that the late night talk show remark was simply “Fun Shade.”

Hampton feeling the burn of Shamari’s comments may be expected, however.

The stylist has been a friend of the show off and on since season 3. Even though speculation brewed last year that season 10 would finally be the year that Hampton earned her peach, she once again was left in the dark. Instead, one-season friend of the show Eva Marcille was given a peach and DeVoe joined the cast as a full-time housewife.


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