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‘You Living Large!’ Steve Harvey’s Wife Marjorie Isn’t Letting the Haters Keep Her from Stunting on the ‘Gram

Marjorie Harvey is refusing to hide from the haters after she was criticized for defending her daughter from an Internet troll earlier this week.

In a photo posted to Instagram, Harvey, who’s married to legendary comedian Steve Harvey, beamed for the camera as she posed behind the wheel of a brand new, candy apple red Ferrari, flashing the peace sign.

“Stunt on ’em,” friend and fellow celeb Tamar Braxton commented.

“While they talking sh*t … you living LARGE!” a fan chimed in.

The photo comes just days after the “Lady Loves Couture” blogger clapped back at a social media critic who suggested her 21-year-old daughter, Lori Harvey, is promiscuous and “a hoe.” Marjorie swiftly responded with a biting response, “this is my daughter…..not your mother 💅🏽”. However, her harsh words only gave critics fuel to dig into her own questionable past.

Still, fans lauded the Ferrari photo and encouraged Mrs. Harvey to keep living her life amid the criticism.

” … And that’s how you roll over all the haters,” one fan commented under the post.

“I see you Mrs. Harvey,” wrote another. “Let them talk, you keep right on flossin’. Ain’t nobody mad but the devil.”

“Now that’s a double clapback!!! Keep shining!!!” a fan exclaimed. “Praying for you guys.”

Another wrote: “That’s what I’m talking about. You slay, Marjorie! Let them talk. As a matter of fact, that’s all they can do. Talk is cheap. All who’s hating on you would love to  step in your shoes. You live your life.”

Harvey’s past came back to haunt her this week after she rushed to her daughter’s defense. A 2017 report by Radar Online revealed that she was once married to drug lord Jim L. Townsend, with whom she has two children. An investigation by the DEA and FBI resulted in Townsend being sentenced to 26 years after being pardoned by former President Barack Obama in 2017.

Five years into his sentence, however, Marjorie bailed and hooked up with another drug lord, Donnell Woods, who is Lori’s father.

Marjorie Harvey

Marjorie Harvey stunted on her haters in a brand new Ferrari gifted to her by her husband, comedian Steve Harvey. (Instagram / @marjorie_harvey)

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