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Gabrielle Union Has Quick Riposte When Told to Dress Her Age

Gabrielle Union clearly didn’t appreciate some recent unsolicited fashion advice that she received, which she quickly let be known.

It happened after she hopped on Instagram on Dec. 30 to update fans on her “eat/pray/love/travel/chill” collection with New York & Company. She also wore one of the pieces in the post, a black number that was half tank top, half dress. The actress then paired it with some green sneakers.

Gabrielle Union clapped back at someone who told her to dress age appropriate.


But one person said Union at 46 wasn’t dressed right for her age, without indicating what was wrong about the outfit.

“Can you dress your age please?” the woman asked.

That’s when Union clapped back with a little sarcasm.

“Oh, I’d loooooove to hear what you think is age appropriate,” she wrote. “Please gimme all the age appropriate fashion advice I didn’t know I needed in my life.”

The new mother also had a lot of people on her side who blasted the woman and praised the outfit.

“All I see is a gorgeous lady in a dress and sneakers in the comfort of her own home,” one person wrote. “Age is nothing but a number. Don’t limit women like men did in the 19th century, hater.”

“WTF does that even mean?” another person wrote. “Please show us. I’m 50 and I’d totally rock that.”

“Get a life,” a third person commented. “She can wear what she wants and kills it. You hope you look this good. @gabunion been on and is always fly. It’s 2019, and you’re giving unsolicited advice.”

People also said it seems that Union has carried a glow ever since she welcomed her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade in November.

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