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Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade Talk Backlash After Daughter Was Born and Why They Chose Surrogacy

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are opening up a little more every day about their daughter Kaavia James Union Wade, born through surrogacy. They welcomed the baby early last month and just shared some of the birth video.

On top of that, the couple recently sat down with Oprah Winfrey to talk about the backlash they received when the baby was born — mainly because Union posted photos wearing hospital clothes while holding Kaavia, which people found strange since she used a surrogate.

“I think for me the most hurtful thing was once we had the baby, and everyone started talking about why is she in the bed holding the baby? Why does she have a gown on? Why is she acting that she just had a baby,” Wade told Oprah.

But the actress said she was using a commonly used technique called the skin-to-skin method to bond with Kaavia, and she didn’t try to fool anyone.

“Our surrogate went into recovery, and we were able to go immediately into another hospital room,” Union explained. “I had one of my New York & Company sweaters on, but skin-to-skin was kind of hard. And because the doctors kept coming in…it was easier to have skin to skin in a hospital gown.”

There were some people who even thought Union was pregnant all along and was masterfully hiding her baby bump, which she also addressed.

“I just showed my abs in a bikini the other day for a reason,” she explained. “I wasn’t hiding a pregnancy. I was trying to do skin-to-skin in the available space that was sterile and available.”

And in the video the couple shared, Union talked about having seven to eight miscarriages before Kaavia arrived and how choosing a surrogate was the safest option.

“We’re finally getting to this place where’s there’s this little person that will call me mom,” she stated. “Actually, not a problem getting pregnant, it was holding the baby and we discovered finally what I have is called adenomyosis. We just decided as a family, the best and safest route was a surrogate. For us, it’s our embryo, so our surrogate has no genetic ties to our baby.”

You can see the couple’s video below.

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