Fans Are Shocked to See Joseline Hernandez Fully Dressed In Latest Video ‘I’ll Be Damned’


Former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez shook the Internet after posting a video of herself fully clothed in a sweatsuit.

Hernandez received tremendous amount of backlash in the past from fans who condemned her provocative attire such as thongs and string bikini bras. She’s even been called a “bad mother” for her overly sexy garments since giving birth to her nearly 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella.

“What kind of mother poses naked on social media when raising a daughter a bad one does,” a social media user wrote.

However, fans of Hernandez were staggered this week the star appeared fully dressed in a video with her family. The Puerto Rico native took to Instagram on Christmas to share a recording of her and her brother showing off their salsa moves.

“When my Brody can’t keep up! 😂😂😂😂😂 Happy to be with my love ones!” Hernandez wrote in her video caption.

The majority of responses seemed to be folks stunned to see the star draped in a sweatsuit, compared with her regular risqué attire.

“I’ll be damn she got on clothes 😂 .”

“Wow I never seen her with clothes on. 💪🏾💯 Nice.”

“I just shocked she got clothes on!!!😂💞🇵🇷💞.”

“😭😭😭 no lie i was sure shocked to see so much clothes.”

“My first time seeing her in regular clothes.”

“We just not used to seeing her with clothes on that’s why she looks like she gaining weight.”

Others were amazed by Hernandez’s salsa moves.

“Yesss Puerto Rican Peincess u killed it. Bailar!!! 😍❤️.”

“@joseline you should make a salsa samba dance workout video boo IT WOULD BE 🔥.”

“Damn you can dance you a– off I love salsa!”

Hernandez was recently seen behind the green scenes for her new reality show “Joseline Takes Miami.” The star is said to be executive producing her own reality series along with former Bravo producer Carlos King. The show will be centered around her raising Bonnie Bella as a single mother.

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