Fans Skewer Joseline Hernandez for Being a ‘Bad Mother’ After She Posts Provocative Photos

Joseline Hernandez has been catching a lot of heat lately from the Internet after posting pretty graphic pictures of herself on social media.

Hernandez was very candid about her sexuality on “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” and doesn’t mind flaunting her body in Instagram pictures. However, the salacious images are becoming a little too overwhelming for fans and people are blasting her for dressing “too sexy” as a mother.

Joseline Hernandez

(photo credit: Joseline’s Instagram)

The “Puerto Rican Princess” took to Instagram on Tuesday and shared a photo of herself almost naked from the waist down. She wore a open buttoned white crop top with a neon green thong. Hernandez struck a pose laying on a boardwalk with her buttocks out and wrote the caption, “All about the assets #ri28.”

Fans dragged Hernandez for setting a bad example for her daughter Bonnie Bella and said she needs to “act more like a mom.”

“I love you. Just wish you realized there is more to you than your naked a** and body. You’e raising a lady. This s**t will catch up with you. Stay encouraged, ” one fan noted.

An Instagram user said, “Joseline put on some clothes you’re a mother now. Set an example for your daughter. Oh and I’m not a hater and I’m not jealous #ri28.”

“You need to have that same energy with a book in your hand reading to your daughter… This can’t be the only thing you’ll be teaching her right? What’s sad is you have the power to be great yet this is what you do… Girl get out that porn/stripper mindset & handle your business.”

“A mother who is a real h*e… sad for Bella.”

“You really need to go sit down. You have an daughter. Wow!! Some things to to #JustStop.”

One fan added, “Why you still acting like a stripper??? Don’t let Stevie J be right. Ur a mommy now. Make him regret this loss.”

The star recently announced that she’ll be back to reality television later this year. She’ll be starring in her new reality series on We TV “Joseline Takes Miami.”

Joseline Hernandez

(photo credit: Joseline Instagram)

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