Tamar Braxton Forced to Explain Her Apparent Lack of Sympathy After News of Trina Braxton’s Ex-Husband’s Death


Tamar Braxton is not here for folks shaming her after she failed to send condolences to her former brother-in-law following his death.

News emerged on Dec. 21 that Trina Braxton’s ex-husband, Gabe Solis, died after a battle with cancer. But on that day, Tamar uploaded a video promoting Fashion Nova on Instagram. In no time, folks lit her up for appearing not to have any sympathy.

tamar braxton
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

“She don’t care about no one she is all about her.”

“Tamar put this post up after the media announced his death and I think that it’s cruel and insensitive. She should have had a moment of silence like the other sister’s and not post anything until Trina announced it.”

“No love 4 ur brother n law Wow.”

In response, Tamar took to her Instagram Story Sunday to make things clear.

“Gabe was not my husband. Why would I post an ad on a RIP?? It was a joke between us and also his family asked if we didn’t post pictures!! I don’t understand why I’m being dragged??! Hold me accountable for my own nigga [how bout that]!!” she wrote. Dec. 23.

tamar braxton

She had more to say on a post a day later when she blasted social media for breaking the news before Trina could share with the family.

“There is NO RESPECT when it comes to social media. I don’t believe it was designed for people to have a platform to bully, say what they want, to create mess, or speak against you or to control your destiny,” she explained. “I’m trying things a little bit differently these days. So me posting about @gabe_solis1234 death BEFORE Trina and her asking that we keep it private for his family’s sake would have been in bad taste and also going against my sisters trust. I’m on vacation and we heard about the news shortly before you all did. I myself found out he was sick just 3weeks ago. NO ONE expected this!!!”

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