Keyshia Cole Posts Video of Young Boyfriend’s Rap Skills, Some Fans Think They Discover His Agenda

Keyshia Cole‘s recent Instagram post featuring her boo Niko Khalé sent the Internet into a tizzy.

Cole, 37 and Khalé, 23, have been dating for a while now, and they first appeared as a couple earlier this year. The “Love” singer caught slack from social media who judged her for dating a younger man. However, Cole addressed critics in an Instagram post around March.

“I kno people have been very judgmental about our relationship but I gotta nurture what nurtures me,” she wrote.

The mother of one and Khalé have been going strong since then, as evidenced by Cole taking to Instagram on Sunday and sharing a clip of her beau’s “dope” rap skills. In the video, Khalé free-styled about social issues going in America while seemingly commending former NFL player Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee for social injustice.

Cole added in her caption, “@nikokhale What’s FREE? ‘Free is when they pledge allegiance but you take a knee’ @kaepernick 🗣.”

Fans seemed blown away by the 23-year-old’s music skills and said he had potential to be a great rapper.

“He sounds good. Love it concious rap he is aware of his message 👏.”

“Niko ate that!! 🙌  boy is ahead of his time man!”

“Man they slipping on him @keyshiacole he 🔥 with the lyrics #goodmusic #realartist still Matter.”

“This is fire 🔥 he killed it hardest song I’ve heard so far i fear no man cos we out here striving for the same thing. His words are deep.”

Other people warned Cole that Khalé may be using her for “clout.”

“Oh he using you to get his clout up… now I get yal relationship.. go head @nikokhale.’

“He using you girl stay strapped 🙄.”

“Yeah she need to watch her back!!! Please he don’t even look like he can really handle her. Lil azz boy.”

One fan jumped to Cole and the rapper’s defense and commented, “How when Niko has talent? What God has for an individual will be theirs no matter who or what stands in the way.”

Sunday’s post follows another sweet post Cole recently wrote to her boyfriend on social media, where she wrote, “Someone who matches my fly, good hearted and somehow has managed to keep his promises👑.”


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