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Joseline Hernandez Shares Holiday Photo of Daughter Bonnie, Fans Wonder Why Child Has Lost Teeth at Age 2

Joseline Hernandez shared an adorable photo of her young daughter, but it was quickly bombarded by folks who noticed the child’s missing teeth.

The “Puerto Rican Princess” expressed how grateful she is for her daughter Bonnie Bella in a heartfelt Instagram post she shared on December 21. She uploaded a photo of baby Bonnie smiling as the nearly 2-year-old posed for her holiday photos.

Joseline Hernandez

photo courtesy: @joseline

“Bonnie’Bella has brought me to my knees and brought me closer to the man upstairs,” Hernandez wrote. “She is my miracle. Your Born day Dec 28 is near and your Mother is planning something very Special. You are everything a mother deserve and more. Thank you for choosing me to be your Mother!”

However, the 32-year-old mother’s heartwarming message and sweet photo of baby Bonnie was abruptly overshadowed by fans who questioned why the girl was missing teeth at almost 2.

“She’s too young for her teeth to be missing like that 🙍🏽‍♂️.”

“What is up with her tooth? She’s only 2. The bottoms are fine but what is up with the top. Give me input on this.”

“Wait a min how old is shee?? How is she missing teeth?? I thought teeth don’t fall out till like 6.”

“Wait her teeth already falling out? Isn’t she like 2.”

“2 year old’s aren’t supposed to losing teeth yet but idk what she feeding her child 🤔.”

Other folks clapped back at critics.

“Why is so many of yall grown people worried about her teeth,” one fan commented. “Something that need not to be explained that you should know the answers to. Bonnie is beautiful and is dressed the way her mother chose for her.”

“Ya’ll wonder why ya’ll nappy headed kids bully kids because of the parents. Her teeth will grow back in don’t worry about it.😡” another added.

One person gushed at over how adorable baby Bonnie looked for her holiday photos, “She so cute Joseline 😍💖 and her outfit is Flawless.”

Hernandez welcomed baby Bonnie into the world in 2016 after a split with her father, music producer Stevie J. She claimed in September that her former fiancé had not seen their daughter in five months.

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