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Joseline Hernandez Reveals Bonnie Bella Has Her Last Name and Not Stevie J’s Because ‘He Wasn’t Around’

Joseline Hernandez keeps spilling more tea about Stevie J. and this time fans learned why her one-year-old daughter doesn’t have his last name.

The “Hate Me Now” artist appeared on Bossip Thursday evening and explained why her daughter is named Hernandez and not Jordan.

Joseline Hernandez

(photo credit: Joseline’s Instagram)

“I gave my daughter my last name because sadly the last name she should of had by blood wasn’t around to help her,” said the Puerto Rican Princess.

Hernandez also said it’s been five months since Stevie J. has lastly seen baby Bonnie Bella. The last time Hernandez did an interview, she also claimed that her ex-fiance was eight months behind on child support.

She added, “Everyone knows that my baby daddy denied my daughter. A person that denies a 99.9% bloodline, how dare you believe them!”

The Latin reality star recently shared a photo of baby Bonnie and her niece on Sunday. She wrote, “Hernández girls!”

Fans dismissed Hernandez’s comments and said the one-year-old is “definitely a Jordan.”

“Jordan girl, her daddy is the only reason we know you,” an Instagram user said.

“No the one on the left definitely a Jordan,” another added.

“Joseline bonnies is a Jordan girl.”

“Who is the other Hernandez because we only see one?”

“Wait so baby Bonnie is a Hernandez and not a Jordan im confused,” one fan wrote.

During Hernandez’s pregnancy in 2016, Stevie J. didn’t believe he was the father and accused the 31-year-old of sleeping with another one. However, the “Hitman” was ordered to take a paternity test and it proved that he was the father of Bella.

Nevertheless, the drama continued on between the pair even after the birth of their daughter. Hernandez and Stevie finally settled their nasty child custody case in April. The “Puerto Rican Princess” was awarded primary custody of their one-year-old. The couple officially called it quits just a few days before the birth of their daughter.

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