Joseline Hernandez’s ‘Uncomfortable’ Photo Draws Major Backlash: ‘You Have a Daughter’


Former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez is in hot water with fans after posting an explicit photo with two half-naked women.

Hernandez may not have learned her lesson from previously posting racy photos. She’s been criticized in the past for posting multiple provocative pictures of herself, and fans have even challenged her parenting skills. Nevertheless, the reality star is once again under fire for her risqué images.

The “Puerto Rican Princess” shared a photo on Instagram on Wednesday that featured herself and two other women. The star explained that she and the half-nude women recorded a video for the “Results In 28 Days Challenge” for her fitness series. However, in one of the pictures, the 32-year-old mother appeared to be feeling on the ladies’ rump-shakers as they’re bent over in front of her.

Joseline Hernandez
@joseline Instagram

Hernandez’s photo immediately sparked controversy in the comments and incited fans to diminish her motherhood.

“Do not cross your mind that you are a mother now ,of a beautiful lil girl wtf is your issue like you really need help your a beautiful woman it’s more to life then sex,drugs,and da strip club and porn 🤔.”

“Disgusting her daughter must be so proud.”

“You have a daughter. How is this woman empowerment? You are exploiting your own people. Please stop.”

“What kind of example are you setting for Bonnie Bella?”

Other fans blasted her for seemingly objectifying Black women and even labeled her a “racist” Puerto Rican.

“Why put them dwn and you Black ma?? Thats how Joseline wants them depicted…..just as you see them…..Joseline is a racist puerto rican.”

“Joseline out of her mind and bitter since Stevie J dissed her…..she has a dark nature….I know a lot of puerto rican women that secretly cant stand african american women and uses them to look less than them in any setting!!! This is whats holding Joseline down…her heart is wicked and God sees that!!😒.”

One jumped to the Latina rapper’s defense and told critics to “stop hating.”

“Stop hating! Go away with your negativity! It’s a nice picture.”

Hernandez has yet to respond to the backlash she’s received. In new developments, the star appears to be working on her upcoming reality show “Joseline Takes Miami.” She even posted a behind-the-scenes photo of herself and her production crew and captioned the image, “My Crew is Better!”

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