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‘Oh Wow:’ Evelyn Braxton’s Massive Weight Loss Amazes Some Fans, Worries Others

The Braxton family matriarch is stealing the spotlight from her vocalist daughters all because of her hugely noticeable weight loss.

Evelyn Braxton visited “Sister Circle” on Tuesday and in photos released from her sit down — including one with daughter and co-host Trina Braxton — fans marveled at how slim she’s gotten.

“Loved having Miss E. down to The Circle today! We are already hard at work to find Trina a Step-Dad!” the talk show’s Instagram page captioned the photo set in part.

evelyn braxton


Reports claim the mother of five has lost 50 pounds and fans have certainly taken notice.

“Evelyn has lost a lot of weight.”

“Oh wow she lost a lot of weight.”

“Ms E lost a lot of weight.”

“Alright Ms. E making on down to the circle! She looks good taking care of her health.”

“She’s lost a lot of weight.”

Others expressed some concern about the sudden change, which Evelyn reportedly cited was due to her health.

“I hope miss E is ok..still beautiful.”

“Oh wow. Miss E lost a lot of weight. Hope she is alright.”

Evelyn is not the only Braxton to have shed some pounds. Her daughters Tamar and Traci Braxton have also slimmed down over the last year.

In June, Tamar wowed her followers when she declared she dropped 20 pounds.

“20??!!! Omg where? Well, you definitely carried it well! Always on point!”


“You look so amazing Tamar. I love you and I’m proud of you. You will always be my inspirational motivation 💯😎☺😃.”

And not to be outdone, Traci posted several shots on her Instagram page in September featuring a newly trim waistline.

Fans adored the look.

“Trina you go girl show em what you work in wit”

“You go Trac looking good Ms.Duchess”

“OMG 😮 you look 👀 GREAT. I am loving your look. God Bless”

“Traci has gotten really skinny looks good”

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