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Bow Wow Has a Horrible Meltdown After Reportedly Being Scared By a Member of the Bloods Gang

This is clearly a repeat performance from earlier this year. Bow Wow lost his cool on the set of “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” Da Brat tried to calm him down and she was completely unsuccessful.

This time, Bow was reportedly frightened by a member of the Piru Bloods street gang and got extremely upset about it. His meltdown was caught on someone’s cell phone and it was pretty wild.

Bow Wow had a meltdown after he was frightened by a member of the Bloods street gang.


“Stop f—-ing with me,” he said as Da Brat kept asking him what was wrong. “They filming this sh–, and they don’t respect my life? I’m tired of the producers. I’m tired of all this sh–.”

Da Brat was being shoved by Bow Wow the whole time, and at one point she was worried about getting herself in trouble by retaliating.

“I just came out like ‘What? Huh?,'” she explained. “I’m like ‘Bow talk to me.’ Tell me what’s going on. He started swinging and pushing away. I was like ‘We gon’ have to slow this thing down, ’cause I just got off probation.’ I’m not not trying to go back the day I got off probation.”

Bow posted the brief clip to his Instagram page, explained his behavior and apologized to Da Brat, as well as the WeTV staff.

We all go through our dark moments,” he wrote. “I was going through something, and they kept filming me while I was going nuts. At this point of my life, I was in a dark place. Looking in the mirror not knowing who I was, no editing no nothing. I give y’all an in depth look at what happened on this night. I’m so sorry @sosobrat and to @wetv staff and film crew.”

Back in August, Bow also lost his cool after he was told by the producers that he couldn’t walk his girlfriend Kiyomi Leslie to her car.

You can watch this recent meltdown below.

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