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Jennifer Williams Poses in Designer Outfit ‘For the Culture,’ Fans Drag Her Taste, Outlook

Jennifer Williams usually gets tons of praise for her fashionable styles, but some aren’t feeling her latest look, and they let it be known loud and clear.

The “Basketball Wives” star on Thursday uploaded a photo of herself posing in a Gucci-dominated outfit. A ruffled white blouse over light denim short shorts broke up the Gucci New York Yankees ball cap and matching Gucci tights. Williams kept her hair and makeup relatively simply by rocking waves and a red lip.

“For the culture… 💧” she captioned the Dec. 13 photo.

Jennifer Williams


Several fans ate up the look.

“Omg that outfit 😍😍😍😍”

“Love Jenn she the dopest I love her style 👑”

“Do it gurrlll🔥”

“The Culture💪🏽”

“Luv those gucci tights.”

“Girl, everything you wear is so bomb!!”

“Stealing this look 3..2..1 ❤️❤️”

But others trashed it. Plus, several people began wondering that since the star is wearing such high-priced accessories from an Italian fashion brand, she can’t be doing anything for her followers’ culture.

“What culture?”

“@nminajjjjj for real I work 2 jobs and can’t afford what she’s wearing. So what culture.”

“@ms.toni37 😂😂😂😂😂😂 me too s–! I thought I was the only one confused! But she cute tho. Maybe rich people culture.”

“That entire outfit is a mess. Sorry.”

“@mi3understood i agree with you… that’s too hood for jen..”

“@jenniferwilliams that outfit is a bit too hood for you boo.. I still love you though.”

Williams regularly faces criticism on her Instagram posts. Back in November, trolls flocked to her page to make fun of the star’s kneecaps. In a non-fashion-focused moment, Williams was also mocked when she posed in what supposedly was a private plane. Commenters didn’t hesitate to call out the apparently phony photo-op.

“Wow this is so fake. This is a mock up of a G550,” one fan said. “There’s no bulkhead monitors, the spacing between the forward and aft facing seat are wrong sonf if you know PJ’s like I do you pay attention to the detail. Like look there’s no seat adjustment lever on your seat to move or recline. But hey live yo life!!!”

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